Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bikes and Humor

Last weekend we had the opportunity to sit on a Buell Blast. Man are those small bikes. For being a 500 cc single it sure didn't feel any larger than my TU. Might have been a good alternative to the TU a year or so ago, but certainly wouldn't be a step up at this point.

Didn't have a chance to sit on or ride anything else. Our rains have come back full force with high winds thrown in for good measure. Maybe we'll have a chance to ride this coming up weekend. Me thinks we might have to go to Eugene to pick up the stepper motor for Troubadour's Tiger. If memory serves me right Rod at Cycle Parts Triumph has a new 2011 Street Triple R as a demo model. We'll see if the weather is good enough to take it for a test ride. I think his demo is the following model/color, but he doesn't have any other Street Triples in stock right now.

On a side note I have to share a funny advertisement. I saw this again the other day and it doesn't seem to matter how many times I see it, I have to laugh. And since Valentine's Day was yesterday, why not share it now.

I know it is an old one and some of you may have seen it before but even so, I still hope it makes you to smile.


-Au Revoir

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." ~ Victor Hugo



  1. No I hadnt seen it before very funny!

  2. The Street Triple seems to be getting mentioned on an ever-increasing frequency in your posts, Tribairitz ;-) !!

    Great video thanks - hadn't seen it before. There are some clever ad people around!

  3. Street. Triple. Street Triple. StreetTriple!!

    Oh I hope the weather is cooperating!


  4. Yeah, I guess the Triple is being mentioned more and more. It is at the top of the list. Just trying to figure out whether to buy new, hold out for used, or stall longer so I don't have to make a decision. Unless something else of a different model comes along that is too good of a deal to resist (not likely)

    So far the weather forecast for Saturday is a high of 47˚F and mostly sunny. That usually means morning fog/ice, but we'll see.