Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In PIctures

Every year at the end of December I try and do a look back throughout the year to see where we've been and what we've done.

Historically I've written a little blurb and review for each individual month.  This year I chose to take a peek back at 2012 and post some pictures and let them tell the story.  I didn't pick my favorite pictures by any means, but just a variety.

Here they are in chronological order:

(In January I bought some Sidi Livia Rain Boots)

(In February I brought a Tahitian Sunset rose bush home on the bike)

(In February/March we installed cork flooring)

(I got dirty riding in the rain and hail)

(Experienced snow in late March - snow on blooming Viburnum)

(And snow in early April - a lot of sheep in our area)

(Experienced our yearly spring flooding)

(We took a ride with SpartanBabe)

(And a group ride - weather is looking up)

(Visited a plant nursery..... or two.... or three)

(I took photos of Squire Basil sleeping on the deck)

(We rode to Salem for a GoPro mount)

(I bought Beau - a used 2009 Bonneville SE)

(I debated which bike was more suitable and which was my favorite)

(I watched Troubadour take a Team Oregon Rider Skills Practice class)

(We attended the Oregon Vintage Motorcycle show)

(We painted and installed an adjustable GSXR shock in Max)

(We hosted Mr & Mrs. Everyday Riding)

(We rode to the coast in the mist and the rain)

(To see the Japanese dock that arrived after the tsunami)

(I took more pictures of Basil lounging on the deck)

(We rode the Aufderheide with SpartanBabe and her hubby)

(Troubadour found his beloved Scarlet on consignment at the Triumph shop once again)

(Max got new Shinko shoes - damn flat spot on the stock Dunlops)

(Our ride to the IMBC 2012 started off in the cold mountain rain)

(IMBC 2012 - Photo blatantly stolen from/received via email from Bobskoot)
(Erik, Trobairitz, Troubadour, Richard, Karen, Bobskoot, Sonja & Roland)

(The ride home from IMBC was much warmer)

(Bobskoot came to visit before heading home)

(We went to Seattle to meet friends from British Columbia)

(And we went back three weeks later for the Experience Music Project)
(This is me in the scary movie scream chamber)

(And we met Sonja and Roland n Tacoma the next day for the 
Ace Cafe Summer Shakedown at the LeMay Car Museum)

(We bought new luggage for Max)

(We rode to Salem to have lunch with my brother and sister-in-law)

(We discovered some kissing covered bridges)

(We rode to Saturday Morning Coffee in the rain - we do that a lot)

(And went for a hike)

(Troubadour and Me at the Team Oregon Awards Banquet - Photo by Pat Hahn)

(We got lost in the woods on Thanksgiving)

(Max picked up sticks with his kickstand)

(Troubadour got creative)

(We did a lot more hiking)

(We attended the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle)

(And Troubadour found a new pink hat at Eagle Leathers on the way home - no he didn't buy it)

So that is what we've done this year, not everything, but the most interesting of it at any rate.  Oh - and I should add that Beau went to his new home on December 23rd.  A nice lady from Springfield came and fell in love and rode it home in the rain.  Hooray.

We have a polar bear ride planned for tomorrow - New Years Day.  My first post of 2013 should be a ride report.

Happy New Year everyone and I am hoping for a great 2013 filled with dry roads, little traffic and abundant sunshine.

- Au Revoir

"Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring more opportunities." - Michael Josephson

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

CCs in Seattle

For the last three years we have gone to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle and used it as an excuse for a blogger meet up.  With so much going on this year nothing had been mentioned so we did not anticipate attending.

We knew that Bobskoot had his hands full taking care of Mrs. Skoot after her fall and broken wrist and others are busy this time of year as well.

Then PolarBear mentioned going, and a small group of our Saturday morning coffee crowd decided to jaunt up for a quick overnight to the show.  PolarBear, aka Andy and his lovely wife SweetPea, aka Karen, RickRick, Troubadour and I signed up for the trip.

Thank you Andy for driving!  We were up at 4 am on Saturday December 15th and out of the house by 5:30 am.  We drove to Lebanon and piled in PolarBear/SweetPea's Ford Expedition, then headed to Portland to pick up RickRick who'd driven up the night before.

To Seattle!!  We made one stop in Kelso, WA at Starbucks for some breakfast and coffee and made it to Seattle before 11:00 am.  We checked in at our hotel and then took the free hotel shuttle to the Convention Center.

Because of the time of day the show was really busy, but I managed to take a few photos.  This is a long post so I am grouping it into three sections - New bike booths, vintage bike display and the bike build off.


(The new 2013 Ninja 300 with special graphics)

(SweetPea on a Ninja 300)

(Troubadour on a Vulcan - just doesn't sound right)

(Troubadour on a Diavel - nice Italian plastic)

(More Italian plastic at the Ducati booth - must keep male readers happy)

(Morgan three wheel car)

(Morgan three wheel car)

(Zero Electric Motorcycles - Adventure model)

(RickRick on a Kawasaki Concours)

(2013 Honda NC700 tricked out with SW Motech farkles)

(Me trying on a helmet at the Arai booth)

Troubadour spotting the errors in rider gear - display by Allstate Insurance)

(RickRick - going scootin')

(Ciao SweetPea)

(Troubadour on a Yamaha)

(PolarBear on a Yamaha)

(RickRick and PolarBear virtual racing the Yamahas)

(Troubadour on the new 2013 Suzuki GW 250)

(Troubadour on a $10k BMW maxi-scoot - heated seats and heated grips)

(Troubadour on a BMW R1200R)

(Troubadour on the new 2013 Triumph Trophy)

(Troubadour on Jason DiSalvo's record setting Rocket III)


(1939 Harley Davidson Aermachhi M-65)

(Sorry - can't remember what this one was)

(1960 Ducati 200 Elite)

(1960 Ducati 200 Elite)

(1972 Kawasaki H1 500)

(1972 Yamaha DS-7)

(1975 Kawasaki K-1)

(1976 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide)

(1982 Suzuki GS 850 G w/side car)

(1982 Suzuki GS 850 G)

(Interesting Suzuki - it had no identifying sign)


(is it pink......or black)

(A most excellent Triumph Rocket III)

All in all it was a great show that we attended with a great group of friends.  I would however think a different time of day might be better and less crowded. (we were there from about noon to 3:30 pm on Saturday)

We have attended four shows and I've managed to sit on bikes at two of them.  I don't always deal well with large groups of people, especially hyper excited pushing and shoving ones.

We did come away with a few bags of swag and I am putting together a giveaway post for the new year. Stay tuned.

Oh, and thank you Andy for driving!!

- Au Revoir

"I find a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else along the way." - Franklin P. Adams