Friday, April 20, 2018

Catching Up.......

Well, since my last post was a month ago, I figured I'd best post up a little something.


On March 30th, a few weeks after our group ride to Sublimity, Troubadour and I made a mad dash back there to get the actual work done on the Versys 300x.  We were racing the clock to be there for our 3:00 pm appointment and just made it.

While the Versys was in for the tail light recall fix, the techs also installed the new center stand spring.  Apparently it took 3 techs and even then was so difficult they checked with the parts department to make sure the correct part was ordered.  A design flaw perhaps?  Let's hope it doesn't come flying off this time.  Might have to put a safety wire on it since it doesn't have an inner safety spring.

Racing rush hour traffic across the valley we rode straight home without stopping. As a result there were no pictures that day. We did luck out with a mixture of clouds and sunshine though.


On a different note, my Legal Assistant job of 17 years ended on February 28th.  It was a sad day, but I was surprised with balloons, flowers, and even a vegan cake had been ordered in my honor.  It sure was weird walking out of there at noon that day.

Since then I have put out many resumes and had a few interviews.  I am pleased to say that I am once again gainfully employed or I will be when anyone reads this.  I am writing this on Thursday April 19th, but will have it scheduled to be posted on Friday April 20th, my first day as a Legal Secretary for the Oregon Department of Justice Trial Division.

I was officially hired on April 2nd, but they weren't going to be ready for me until the 20th.  That was a long 3 weeks to wait.  It is a Monday to Friday 8 am to 5:00 pm schedule, with 10 paid holidays a year plus vacation pay and sick pay accrual.

The new job is also located in Salem, Oregon (our State Capital), approximately 40 miles (64 km) northeast of Corvallis.  For now I shall have an hour long commute each way depending on traffic. And while I lose my flexibility in coming and going like I had working for my prior employer, I do gain a higher wage, job stability, full benefits, and participation in PERS (Public Employee Retirement System).  


The new job comes with a few life changes as well.  Normally I beat Troubadour home and get dinner ready and on the table by the time he gets home.  As of tomorrow he will beat me home by about an hour.  Time for Troubadour to brush up on his cooking skills.

Also, as many of you have read here before, my night vision is crap.  So our plan is to sell our house and move to Salem by the end of Daylight Savings Time so I will have a shorter commute in the dark.  We have been wanting to relocate anyway because of the two-story houses they built behind us and the neighbors we now have living beside us.  This job is just the push we've needed.

We have spent many of our days off prepping the house for sale. Baseboards along the floor and trim around all the doors has been installed, but at least Troubadour got a new rechargeable cordless nail gun out of the deal.  After that came painting, lots of painting, which included the new interior doors we'd never bothered to paint after installing.  Things are nice and bright with all that white now.

We still have a few things to paint, silicone to remove and replace around the tub, and general decluttering to stage the inside.  Warmer weather has just returned which means we can weed the shrub beds and get fresh bark mulch delivered.

Soon this place will be good to list.  Our goal is to list it prior to the end of May.


So that is a quick catch-up of what has been going on here.  Sadly with all that is going on, it probably means less riding for me this year.  I don't have any earned vacation at a new job and won't for 6 months so there aren't any extra days to take off to attend the Black Dog rally or Dog Face rally with Troubadour and Polar Bear.  Maybe next year.

We still hope to be riding on the weekends when Troubadour isn't teaching or we aren't doing moving activities.  Technically I could commute by bike, but I am not so sure they'd appreciate the helmet head in the office.  We'll see.

We are not sure how Basil will take the changes, but as long as we keep his food bowl filled I think he will be fine.

- Au Revoir

" You must welcome change as the rule but not your ruler.
- Denis Waitley