Friday, October 28, 2011

Play Date With Max

Last Saturday Troubadour was auditing his second Team Oregon Basic Rider Training Class, which meant I needed to find something to do. It was about 54˚F outside so I decided to ride to Saturday Morning Coffee.

I stopped downtown to fill the bike with petrol, mail a Netflix movie, and arrived just as one other rider was getting there. I ordered my usual: a grande decaf vanilla soy latte. Some days you get a little leaf design in the foam but Saturday was not one of them.

It would be pretty neat if one day they surprised me with this design in the foam.

(Stock photo from the internet)

Everyone was done visiting and started heading out. It was trying to sprinkle a little, but I thought I'd go for a short solo ride despite the dark clouds.

I headed towards home but instead of stopping, kept right on riding out towards Bellfountain and Alpine. It is a route I know and I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do. I wanted to be on the look out for some fall colors so I kept an easy pace.

I made it to Alpine before long and stopped for a snack since it was noon. I had a little Jerquee and water and then took a few pics. The backdrop wasn't so great but it is our usual stopping place.

The yellow jackets were harassing me and climbing in my helmet so I dug this little fella out to block their way.

It seemed to do the trick. Must be the menacing look on his face.

(I thought his yellow matched the school bus in the background)

The weather wasn't getting any better and my feet were chilly so I decided to head the 20 miles home.

About half way there the sun was trying to shine and I found some nice fall colors at the end of someone's driveway.

A little further down the road the sun burst through the clouds. After the yellow of the leaves on the trees I had to stop by this field for some pictures of green.

When I got back on the bike a look in the mirror showed me the clouds I'd outrun. It also showed me a dirty mirror.

Before putting the camera away I turned it on myself.

Upon reflection I'd say it was odd for me to be riding with no other riders around. The 50 miles I went on Saturday was the longest solo ride I've ever done and that wasn't even that far.

I will definitely go out solo again when Troubadour is busy, but my biggest problem is I have no idea where to ride. I like to have a destination in mind and I am hesitant to explore unknown roads when by myself.

Not very adventurous, I know. It will be fun to learn.

- Au Revoir

"By all means use sometimes to be alone. Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear." ~ George Herbert


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out of the Woodwork

It seems to be that time of year again, classic Triumph motorcycles are coming out of the woodwork and are for sale on Craigslist. People must be clearing out their garages for fall.

I quick peek during my lunch break today and I found these gems. Oh, to have unlimited funds.......

1976 Triumph Bonneville T140 located in Hillsboro, Oregon. The owner claims that it is in original condition except for the professional paint job on the tank and a Mikuni single carb. It also has a little rust coming through on the fender. The listing states it has been stored for the last 10 years but fired up with a carb clean and new gas. If you have extra cash on hand it can be yours for $2995.

This next one is definitely drool-worthy.

A 1964 Triumph Bonneville T120 located in Vancouver, Washington. The listing claims that this bike is as found, barn fresh and not running. The owner states it is highly original and unrestored and that he bought it a long time ago, but has never tried to start it. Who would buy this gem and never try to start it? It can be yours for $7,000. Price seems a little high to me, but if it doesn't need too much work to make it road worthy I think it will bring a smile to some one's face.

If you still have money leftover there is a 1972 Triumph T100R for sale in West Linn, Oregon. The owner states that it has 5,500 original miles and that they are the second owner. The ad claims that it turns over on the first kick and even the original wiring is in excellent condition. It can be yours for $4,500.

Not to your liking? What about a 1971 Triumph T25, 250 cc motorcycle. There is one for sale in St. Helens, Oregon. Apparently it is street legal and even has the original tires on it, although I don't think I'd trust them on the road. It can be yours for $1,795. Oh, and did I mention it has a right side shift?

If those bikes are too mainstream for you, how bout a Triumph Cub Vintage Race Bike. This listing does not say where the bike is located but it does have an Oregon phone number.

The listing states the following: " This Triumph Cub Speedway Racer is one of 18 that were built in the early '60's for speedway racing in the North West. This bike was called the "Candy Striper" and was ridden most of the time by local dirt track racer Clark Gable. They were hand built by Red Rice with parts supplied by Cliff Majhor of Cycle Hub. It is in "as found condition" from the sale of Cycle Hub bikes and parts several years ago. Looks like it still has original battery for total loss ignition. The picture of the Cubs racing was taken at the Tacoma Sports Arena in 1963 and has in it the 20 riders that qualified for that race. Included are some of the best dirt racers of the day". It can be yours for $2,750.

There were at least a half dozen or more vintage 1960's and 70's Triumph for sale out there in Washington and Oregon that I could have included in this post, but I didn't want to make it too long.

I am not sure why there seems to be so many classic Triumphs for sale in the Pacific Northwest, I guess we're just lucky that way.

Now where did I plant that money tree?

- Au Revoir

"Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions." ~ A.A. Latimer


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moto Picnic

Last Sunday was the first annual family picnic for our local riders forum. Over a month ago a forum member suggested a date and a meeting place and we ran with it. Luckily the forecast was for sunny skies.

It was a potluck picnic and the items we chose to bring couldn't be made up the night before or they wouldn't have tasted as good. So, Sunday morning I was up at 7 am and had a quick cup of coffee, surfed the interweb a bit and made 2 dozen pumpkins scones. While they were cooling I washed my hair, put on my make up and got dressed. Then I made the entree: Peanut Sesame Pasta Salad. I nice mixture of farfalle pasta, fresh crunchy veggies and a creamy sauce made with all natural peanut butter, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and some other spicy things. Troubadour was great and helped me get the salad ready as well as load up both bikes.

I had just enough time to get my gear on and we were out the door riding in the chilly morning air. Hooray, heated grips.

We had about a 15 mile ride down to Bellfountain to Bellfountain Park for the picnic. Bellfountain Park contains one of the longest picnic tables in the world. The covered picnic table is 85 feet long and was milled from one continuous piece of wood. The park dates back to 1851 and has seating for over 100 at the table.
We stopped at a major intersection about a mile from the park for Troubadour to hang signs for those that didn't know where to go.

People mentioned that they'd almost missed the turn, but not one person that we asked actually saw the signs that he posted. Troubadour gets an 'A' for effort though.

A few people were already there when we arrived and we began putting out table cloths and food and utensils and plates.

The charcoal was lit for the burgers, hot dogs and jerk chicken that folks had contributed.

Josh tended to the burgers.

More people arrived. Some on their bikes and others in the car with their families and/or dogs.

All the food was spread out buffet style. People filled up their plates.......

And then sat down along the picnic table to eat and visit.

(View from one end of table)

(View from the other end of table)

(I think the boxer just wanted a better view)

While everyone was visiting and with my belly full, I got up and wandered towards the buffet to see if I could get some food pictures.

(Peanut Sesame Pasta Salad)

(Ramen Noodle & Cabbage Salad)

(Bean Salad)

(Broccoli Salad)

(Jerk Chicken)

(Key Lime Pie)

Troubadour realized the sun had come out, but because of the tall trees we needed to move into the field to enjoy it.

Eventually most people gravitated towards the sun and we visited for a few more hours.

We talked....

And watched the kids play 'gimme back my purse"..... followed by 'gimme back my cell phone'....

And the dogs were playful too.....

Of course, I had to take some pictures of the motorcycles....

And one really cool souped up Mini Cooper.

Everyone reported that they had a great time. Not only do we want to make this an annual fall event, but are also thinking of having one in the spring to kick off the riding season and hope that those that couldn't attend this one might be able to make it next time.

- Au Revoir

"Spend the afternoon. You can't take it with you." ~ Annie Dillard