Wednesday, October 5, 2011

San Francisco Extravaganza - Alameda- The End

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, below the hangar deck. Here is a photo I forgot to include in the last post from the engine/boiler rooms.....

From below we climbed back to the hangar deck and used the facilities. The ladies had a cute sign to lead the way.

We were getting really hungry and the concession stand only had burgers and hot dogs so we hit up the vending machines. After snacking on little packages of trail mix and splitting a Snickers Bar and a prefab latte we bought a bottle of water and continued.

We took a few more random photographs in the hangar bay.

(the plane elevator - it was up)

We finally found the door indicating the flight deck. Woohoo! We went through the door and encountered an escalator. Well, it was not turned on so technically they were stairs. Me thinks that wasn't part of the Hornet when it was in operation.

When we stepped onto the flight deck we were again approached to join a tour, this time for the Island, normally off limits to the public unless guided. Of course, we said yes.

I don't remember what all of the control rooms were called on the several decks of the Island so I'm putting up the pictures without labels. I took a lot of pictures of the different equipment.

(Troubadour looking all official)

(Me in the Captain's Chair)

(Troubadour kicking back in the Captain's Chair)

(USS Hornet is the flag ship in the center)

It was a quick tour of the Island, but it did afford a great view of the other vessels sitting in the beautiful sunshine.

(crane ships)

Front and Back of the Cape Henry:

And of course, my favorite plane on deck.

Back down onto the flight deck we wandered and took more pictures of the Hornet and planes.

And with that we kissed goodbye to the Hornet.

* * * * *

When we first approached the Hornet I marveled at the other vessels in the water. I liked the pattern created by the rigging on these ships. I finally looked up their names and found out they are crane ships with the MSC - Military Sealift Command.

The row of ships:

* * * * *

We made our way back to the bus stop, which took us to the BART station, which took us back to Powell Street Station in San Francisco and had a short walk to our hotel. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the same Starbucks as the night before. The barista remembered us and Troubadour had a Frappuccino in a cup that said 'pretty princess'.

For dinner Sunday night, our last in SF, we wanted to find a vegetarian restaurant as we felt we were in sore need of some veggies - especially after having trail mix and a Snickers for lunch. A quick look on the iPad and we had a winner about 6 blocks away.

The Golden Era was amazing and better than we'd hoped for.

(Ignore random dude with his take-out bag)

It wasn't just a vegetarian restaurant, we'd stumbled upon a vegan restaurant. It is a good thing we didn't find the place until Sunday night or I am sure we'd have gained weight on our trip. The food was probably the best restaurant vegan we've had. I'll let the food porn speak for itself. We ordered the dishes and shared everything family style.

(Steamed Veggie Bun)

(My choice - Soy Protein Perfection)

(Troubadour's choice - Curry King - nice and spicy)

And in case we weren't stuffed enough......dessert

(Fried Banana w/ Vegan Ice Cream)

The fried bananas were amazing. Sliced bananas with cinnamon rolled in a spring roll wrapper and deep fried then sliced on an angle for serving. Mmmmm.

Good thing we had a hike back to the hotel. On the way back we passed the Hotel California. Who knew it was a Best Western - cue the Eagles music.

It was early to bed Sunday night because we had to be up and out early in the morning to make our way back to the Oakland airport. Back to Powell Street Station, the BART and a shuttle to the airport. We arrived home with no troubles, but were sure glad to sleep in our own bed. Basil kitty was pretty happy to see us too.

- Au Revoir

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." ~ Seneca



  1. That really looked like a wonderful trip and thank you for taking all the pictures and making the virtual tour. And all on public transportation too. Impressive. I probably would have broken down and taken a cab a couple of times.


  2. Trobairitz:
    +1 for Richard's comments and going on a carrier is something I'd love to do. Troubadour looks born for a sea command with that 1000-yard stare!

    Oh, and I'm cooking vegetarian curry for dinner tonight but it won't look as gorgeous as your food!

  3. Time flies buy when you're having fun, eh?

    Nothing wrong with dude picking up Veggie food, he can't be wrong. The food porn looks de-li-cious. Yumm!

  4. Trobairitz:

    Thank you for taking us aboard the aircraft carrier. I've always liked planes. It's hard to imagine how large that upper deck is, but from the air it is probably very small. You look right at home in the Captain's chair

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Thanks everyone for hanging on there through the long San Francisco posts.

    @Richard - I can't remember ever having taken a taxi. We thought about it and decided we were too frugal, or stubborn, or some combination of the two.

    @ Geoff - I bet your vegetarian curry was tasty.

    @Sonja - we were surprised at how many take outorders went out when we were dining. I think it is a big part of their business.

    @mq01 - thank you, and yes, it was tasty.

    @ Bobskoot - the upper deck was quite large. I imagine if you were in one of the planes trying to land it would look a lot smaller.

  6. What a great birthday weekend! And I wonder if you really forgot the names of the decks and room and equipment, or just wanted to psyche the guys here out. :)

  7. @BeemerGirl - Yeppers, I forgot the names and they weren't labelled either so I couldn't take a picture of a sign to jog my memory later. I was in awe of being on the flight deck and Island and I guess I didn't pay enough attention. My bad......