Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Dragon That Flies

On Saturday afternoon I was standing on the deck enjoying the sunshine and rare 70˚F weather for October, and a little dragonfly landed on one of the pergola posts.

I tiptoed inside and grabbed the little Canon HS 300 camera off the table and managed to snap a few shots before he flew away.

I am continually impressed with this little camera. We received a lot of recommendations which I appreciate, but I have to give a special thank you to Bobskoot for recommending this particular model and that of our other Canon too.

- Au Revoir

"Most of us don't need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with." ~Robert Brault



  1. There must be something in the air. A couple of posts ago I had a photo of a dragonfly on Billie's headlamp and now you have a picture one. Ironically, my picture was taken with a Fuji XP. When I ride it lives hanging around my neck on a lanyard rain or shine.

    I'm glad you are happy with your Canon. Keep the photos coming.

  2. Trobairitz:

    You give me too much credit. You have the eye and the skills, the equipment is secondary, plus is my friend. Cameras don't take photos all by themselves but I am glad you like it. As Keith mentioned, just keep the photos coming

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. I love the pictures you take, they are beautiful. I love my little canon too, it is handy and takes kick ass pictures. I keep forgetting to bring it with me on my little jaunts. This afternoon there were several sail boats out in the straight and I would have loved to take a picture. Darn it I am going to have to remember to stuff it in my jacket. I too love dragon flies, they are kind of a good luck thing to me.

  4. I like dragons, especially the flying kind. Great picture.

  5. I like dragonflies. Some bugs are just cool! I'm not sure how many more days we'll have to enjoy the cute bugs. I'm not gonna miss the icky bugs too much! :)

    I'm glad you found a camera you enjoy, and that takes nice photos.

  6. To think that this creature does not fly like a bird but is glued to the air by viscosity!

  7. @CircleBlue - I think I remember your dragonfly picture. They must be out en masse this time of year. I am glad you are having good luck with your Fuji XP, I must have just gotten one built on a Friday afternoon or something.

    @Bobskoot - it is an automatic camera, I have no skill except pushing the button, but thank you for the kind words.

    @Dar - The Canons are handy just to put in a pocket or purse. It is nice to have one always available. It was hard when we only had one camera as Troubadour would usually have it in his pocket and it is easier not to ask to use it.

    @Sonja - Me too. I like Damselflies also.

    @Bluekat - I don't seem to have as many sticky bugs on my helmet lately. Must be the cooler weather. I am enjoying this October sunshine though and the dry days.

    @Nikos - Well said good sir, well said!!