Sunday, December 24, 2017

An End to 2017

(Stock image from interweb)
As the end of the year approaches, I figured I'd best post up a quick blog; it has been almost two months since my last one.

Nothing exciting has been keeping me away from posting, just the opposite in fact.  Days consist of going to work and coming home.  Our weather has been pretty chilly and we just finished a good 10-day stretch of freezing temperatures, luckily no snow.

As 2017 comes to a close I look to 2018 and the changes it will bring.  My boss is retiring after 41 years of being an attorney.  I have worked for him for 17 of those years.  As of January 1st I will be actively looking for employment so that when I am done at the office at the end of January I will have another job to go to.

We are also hoping to put our house on the market in the spring.  Long time homeowners beside us have sold and it has become a rental complete with 7 children, 3 large barking dogs, 7 chickens, and a pig.  Yes, a pig.  We are in city limits and didn't sign up to live beside a farm.  So combined with the two-story monoliths they built against our back fence it is time to go.

(Two story houses - photo taken this morning - we miss the forest)
Weekends are now spent finishing up home projects such as installing baseboards and trim around the doors.  That will be followed by painting and of course the never ending yard work.

We have come to the conclusion that moving will be a good thing.  We have been in our house over 11 years and we bought it to flip it in two years.  It wasn't supposed to be our forever home. We are looking forward to a 2-car garage and a laundry room in the house.  I don't really like going into the garage to do laundry when it is below freezing.  Brrrr.  Our current one-car garage is not heated.

We are not sure how Basil will feel about a move, but I am sure he will enjoy a quiet area with more room to roam.

As for motorcycles, we still have four sitting in the garage.  With our weather and other obligations they haven't been moving at all unless it is to shuffle their order in the garage or start them to make sure the carbs aren't gumming up in the TW200 and DRZ400.

(On the way to Marys Peak, photo by Troubadour)
I did order a skid plate from T-Rex Racing for the Versys 300x, which we received, but haven't installed yet.  SW Motech Crash bars/engine guards have also been ordered from Twisted Throttle.  They are out of stock, but hopefully will ship before spring.

(T Rex racing skid plate)
We hope to do more riding and camping in 2018.  Of course, every year it seems we hope to do more riding and somehow life just gets in the way.

Happy Holidays to all of you, and the very best wishes for 2018.

- Au Revoir

"  If you are in a bad situation, don't worry it'll change.  If you are in a good situation, don't worry it'll change. " - John A. Simone, Sr.