Friday, December 19, 2008

The Mystical, Lyrical Trobairitz

What is a Trobairitz you might ask? Well.... one could say it is the female counterpart/version of a Troubadour. Since I am married to Troubadour on a Triumph I couldn't not in good conscience call this blog anything else.

This blog is a new venture for me in uncharted territory. I know people who have blogs, or have a myspace or facebook page but I have resisted their urgings to start one of my own. Being a nonconformist I was reluctant to start a blog or social page, but alas here I am. I can only try to make the blog something out of the ordinary and push the envelope. I shall endeavor to think outside the blog.

I do not know how often I shall post or even what the topics will be. I shall use this venue as a virtual writing tablet for my random thoughts, beliefs, griefs, views, opinions, impressions, dreams, ideas, ponderings, reflections, ruminations and anything else that flits into my head on any given day.

-Au Revoir

"When the fabric of the universe becomes unknown, it is the duty of the university to produce weavers" - Gordon Gee

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