Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Times & a Soggy Bottom

As I sit here on a chilly afternoon drinking hot coffee and listening to the rain pouring down it reminds me of our polar bear ride on New Years Day. I put on my nice clean dry gear (freshly washed from our last venture in the dirt and rain) and we were ready to go.

When Troubadour and I got home afer the short 70 mile ride we were both soaked, some areas more than others. Both our Firstgear Aqua gloves were soggy wet and water could be squeezed out just by making a fist. His hands stayed dry, mine were wet and cold and managed to wick water up to my elbow under my jacket. Maybe it was his heated grips that helped keep his hands dry.

My feet were wet clear though my leather boots and wool socks. I didn't know my HH Brown pack boots were not waterproof, but now I do. See, I learned something from the adventure. Since I was riding pillion the back of my gear was coated with grime. Damn, now I need to wash them all again. Let's see if I can get the elbow armor in the right direction this time when I put it back together. My elbows don't bend backwards. If I remember right, the silicone spray Troubadour put on his riding pants failed in the heavy rain that day and he was wet to the skin.

I saw the following picture in an email at work last week and the first thing that came to mind was the polar bear ride. The rain today just happend to reminded me of it. This is how I felt when we got home that day.

Good times and adventure can sometimes give you a soggy bottom.

- Au Revoir

"I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in when it rains. One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge, but one misses a world of loveliness." ~ Adeline Knapp


  1. lol - My husband resembled the kitten this afternoon when he got home from work. :)
    It does make for a lot of laundry!

  2. Fun post -:)

    My "waterproof" Tourmaster riding pants let a bit of moisture through when Bobskoot led me astray on Vancouver Island last fall, too. No fun riding with wet pants or gloves. Nik wax works pretty well on leather gloves ... if you remember to re-apply periodically.

  3. Trobairitz:

    Actually, on our Vancouver Island ride last fall, all of our "waterproof" clothing failed. We all had "leaks". My Olympia jacket leaked at the arms.

    I see that Troubador is no dummy. He has you so that his clothing stays dry and clean.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin