Friday, November 19, 2010

Weather Weenie

"Je suis un weenie de temps."

I do believe that I have become a weather weenie. Unlike the grey squirrel I caught swinging from the bird feeder this afternoon in the pouring down rain, I haven't ventured out much lately. Work, home, work, home, rinse, repeat.

Our weather has taken a turn for the worse in the last week or so as it seems to have done all over the Pacific Northwest. The few weeks prior it was sporadic at best whether or not it would rain or shine. Yesterday we received 1" of rain in 24 hours while Timberline Lodge received 24" of snow in 24 hours. This morning we woke to 32.5˚F. Brrr. Right now it has made it to a balmy 41˚F. Still brrr.

For me this weather is not conducive to motorcycling. I have been wanting to get out on the TU as it has been 3 weeks or so but it seems to be raining like crazy on the weekends or just plain cold. I don't mind getting caught in a little rain while out riding but I don't like to set out in a downpour already cold and miserable.

I'd like to get out and ride this weekend but they are forecasting 70% chance of rain and even a flurry or two (not that it would stick). It is official, I am an über weather weenie. I've been wussified. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind warm rain, it is the cold, soak you to the bone, never get warm again rain I don't like.

Funny I don't so much mind riding pillion in the poor weather and in the rain, but I don't like it on my own bike. Maybe it is easier to let Troubadour be in control in the poor weather or maybe he makes a great windscreen compared to the naked TU. Maybe it is because I can put my gloved hands between us to try and keep them a little warmer and drier. Self preservation kicking in perhaps?

Perchance when I get my new all weather jacket I'll be more inclined to ride in inclement weather. We never made it over to Albany to pick it up last Saturday, but instead went to Salem and Portland perusing all the motorcycle shops along the way. RickRick came with us and we had sushi in Salem for lunch and then dinner at Sweet Tomatoes in Tigard for dinner. Sorry, no food pics, camera was at home.

I came to the conclusion that there isn't much all weather gear out there for the ladies. Google 'ladies riding jacket' and you get images like the one to the left. At the shops there were lots of short jackets that would be great for the girls hopping on the back of their boyfriend's sport bikes and want to look chic in pink with farkles and sparkles on their gear. Me, I'm not into pink, sequins, or metallic thread. I'd love to find more riding gear in browns and beige. A little lighter than black but not white.

Maybe tomorrow we will head over to Albany and pick up the Rev'it Siren, provided they still have one in my size. Then I can try out in the rain if I am adventurous and also see if my boots are waterproof too. I bought the HD Melia boots late spring but haven't tested them in the rain yet. When I do I'll be sure to do a write up as I am quite happy with them.

Well, the weather hasn't improved so it must be a good soup day. One big pot of homemade potato onion soup with a loaf of crusty bread coming up.....

- Au Revoir

"Weather is a great metaphor for life - sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, and there's nothing much you can do about it but carry an umbrella." ~ Terri Guillemets


  1. LOL. I know exactly what you mean! I am a weather weenie too. But still seem to be going out in the cold lately, as I am forced to. (OK. Not really forced as I do enjoy it, usually, when I get out there. It is just getting into all the flippin gear, connecting wires and the "I can't put my arms down" crying.) I really wouldn't chose to go out if it were already raining. Love that first picture by the way. Great! -Lori

  2. Speaking from my heart. When I was younger I have experienced torrential rains in Cornwall, England or the Bretagne, Franc while on motorcycle vacation, and I was soaking wet but hell, this pacific west coast rain has a different quality! So, I also get to be a member of the weather weenie club.

  3. I've weenied out more this fall than I've wanted to. I did manage one ride this week. Barring torrential downpours I don't mind the rain too much, but wind + rain is more than I want to take on especially in the fading light. Overall it's been a rather sucky fall, and I'm still bitter about our sucky spring!

    btw, I picked up a pair of those gloves at REI. I haven't tried them while riding yet, but I really like how they fit and don't feel bulky. They'll be doing double duty on the Ninja and the bicycle. Thanks for telling me about them! :)

  4. I never saw it officially written that one has to ride in nasty weather to be a true motorcyclist.

    You earned that honor by riding the TU250 to Central Oregon!

    By the way, I had no idea I was so close to you in Corvallis the other day. I'd have brought you a chocolate chip bagel!