Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fricken Rain

I know I have commented about our rainy Spring in prior posts, but I just have to vent one more time.

I usually don't mind some rain. It makes the grass grow and turns it all nice and green and I don't have to water the shrubs and planters when Mother Nature is doing it for me, but enough is enough. When we moved to Oregon in 2001 someone told me once the color of the grass was 'Oregon Green". I wasn't sure what was meant by that, but I sure do now.

I think if it rains too much more I'll have to find an outfit like this.....

I haven't been out on Max since our coast ride on May 1st. Today is the 31st. Yikes. My riding skills will be rusty when I get back on that steel horse. At least with it parked in the garage the bike won't be rusty. I don't mind if we start out on a ride and get caught in a little rain but I hesitate to start out in a downpour. I just don't need to ride that bad. Maybe it is because I don't have enough miles on Max yet to be comfortable and trust the tires in that kind of weather. In time I am sure I will, but it doesn't mean I'd enjoy riding in the rain any more than I do now. I hate it when my face shield fogs up and my hands get wet through my gloves or my long hair wicks the rain down into my jacket and soaks my shirt.

I don't like feeling like this after a ride.....

It seems that it rains more often than not lately. I am hoping that soon the weather will change. It managed to rain most of the weekend and is still raining now. More rain is scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday.

The forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday looks promising. Of course it does, we have plans for Saturday. Premier Motogear/Mr. Ed's Moto in Albany is having their annual swap meet and we have a space reserved. From our collective weight loss Troubadour and I have amassed 6 riding jackets, 3 pairs of riding pants and a riding suit that don't fit. Add those to extra helmets, a spare windscreen, spare pillion seat for the America, miscellaneous electrical gizmos and a muffler for an unknown bike and we have enough stuff to fill a table. We are hoping to sell enough gear that we will be able to buy some new stuff that fits properly.

I have been waiting for warmer weather to use my mesh pants but unfortunately those don't fit any better that the winter ones I'm using now. I'd attempt to sell my winter ones this weekend but that would leave me with no riding pants since I haven't found a new pair that fit yet. I can't in good conscience ride with just my jeans for protection so I'll have to wait to sell them.

Luckily Sunday is forecast for sunshine. I won't hold my breath but I am hoping we'll be able to go out for a ride that day. It has been a while since just the two of us have gone out for any length of ride and after the last group ride I am looking forward to it. We'll charge up the radios and have ourselves an all day adventure. Or at least I'm hoping to. We'll see if the weather cooperates.

Three more weeks and we'll see the first day of Summer. Sure doesn't feel like it is almost here. Hasn't been warm enough. With the happiness that the coming of Summer brings I also feel a certain sadness. It also means that the days will be getting shorter. Just when it seems we haven't been able to get out and enjoy the longer hours of daylight the days will be getting shorter. What cruel fate is this?

I hope all of you have been getting out for some rides. I have been busy enough lately that I haven't been reading the posts of our blogging friends. I hope to catch up with all of you soon.

- Au Revoir

"To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring" ~ George Santayana


  1. Maybe you need to shift your weekend to "any day it's not raining". I'm sure your employer will understand ;-)

    This month seems to have flown by. I was planning on getting in some longer trips but so far mostly just commuting....

    Hope things clear up for you.


  2. I have lived here all my life. I've made my peace with rain, but this year is ridiculous! I thought last year was bad, but this year takes the prize.

    I've had the same thoughts about the start of summer. Totally unfair that we haven't even had spring and the days will be getting shorter too soon.

    This weekend is supposed to be very nice (not that I believe it), but maybe you'll get to try out the mesh afterall.

  3. Not enough riding this year. Didn't even log 2,000km on the clock of my Beemer this year, and neither weather nor work seem to allow to get some more mileage. It just sucks! At least I have may daily Vespa commute to clear my head...

  4. Trobairitz:

    some people can't ride for other reasons. I have lost nearly 2 months but I ride when I am able. I plan to make up for it soon.

    swap meets only come once a year. get rid of your old pants and wear the mesh. Warmer and drier weather is forecast for this summer. You could always put a rain cover over the mesh, in an emergency, but I don't mind warm rain

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. @Richard - I am lucky enough to work for someone who likes to take sunny days off or at least sunny afternoons, that helps, but Troubadour's boss isn't of the same mindset.

    @Bluekat - damn rain, been a mixed bag of tricks today too. I was waiting to wear my mesh pants but they don't fit so I'll need new ones of those too. I think they are just as bad as the winter ones will have to doublecheck.

    @Sonja - I haven't even logged 500 miles this year so far so you're doing way better than I am. You commute on two wheels though - good for you.

    @Bobskoot - Hope your foot is better and you can ride more. I guess I shouldn't complain about the rain since I could ride if I had a mind to - no physical barriers. And the darn mesh pants don't fit any better than the winter ones so I don't know which ones to sell now. Hmmm will have to think on it. Sell the mesh or sell the overpants.

    On a side note they said on the news last night we had 23 out of 31 days of rain in May. That means we old had 8 days of dry weather. I knew it was wet, but damn.....

  6. Feeling for you, especially after winter. Hope your summer arrives soon for oyu!

  7. Love the cat pictures.

    To bad about all the rain. We've had rain here, but I can't remember the last day I didn't ride to work and I've seldom got rained on. It rains, but it comes and goes. We don't have the soakers you seem to have.

    Shame that the new bike isn't getting more use. I'm confident that will change.

    Thanks for the share,

  8. Send some of that rain our way. Drought is setting in again and the ground is dry as cement. Add the 95F days and it is miserable. I haven't even thought about following the humidity. It would be too depressing.

    I'll hope that the rain will abate on the weekends for you. :)