Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hot Weather and Hot Cars

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. After riding to coffee a group of us rode over to Philomath to wander around their annual Classic Car Show. It was 11:30 by the time we arrived and the sun was high in the sky. I am not complaining after the spring we've had, but it would have been nice to ease into our hot weather instead of going right from 65˚ to 90˚.

We stored our gloves and buffs in the tail bag of the tiger, took off our jackets and donned ball caps to protect our noggins from the sun. We carried our jackets around since we had no way to secure them to the bikes and didn't trust all the riff-raff wandering around.

What follows are some of the photographs I took with the Fuji camera. I actually took 125 photographs in about an hour and a half. Bobskoot would be proud. Some came out fine, others needed a little doctoring, but at least you get the idea of the kinds of cars represented.



(This Saab is the owner's daily driver)


(This truck just looked odd with the hood slightly up)



(For you Irondad - I took another picture of "that guy")

- Au Revoir

" Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it." ~ Russel Baker


  1. Ah, they don't make those sexy cars anymore. Lovely pictures, and it seems that the weather played along for a change.
    Like the pic of 'that guy', too. With cap and dark glasses he looks like a celebrity in disguise.

  2. The lariat and the gloves are a great touch. Feeling a little old as I remember many of these cars being the cars on the road. Luckily, there are few that seem to be really old cars in the bunch.

    Glad to see you had a sunny day.

  3. I love old cars, they had so much character. Great pics! We have a classic car show here in Victoria, I am going to have to do a wander & drag the camera along.

  4. Looks like a beautiful day...and with all the sparkling chrome. :) Great shots of some sexy vintage vehicles.

    As for the jackets, we have a combo cable lock from walmart that we can slip through the sleeves and lock to the bike if necessary. Might be an option.