Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog Challenge/Poll - You Cannot Ride without.......what?


This blog challenge comes courtesy of a little poll from Gary over at Flies in Your Teeth.  Find his original post at this ----> LINK.

Gary posts the following:

"Just for fun, I am putting together a list of the top essential items riders take with them.  What are the five things you CANNOT leave behind?

Please give one answer for each category below and I will collate the answers into an essential motorcycling items guide......

1. For your bike.  It could be a particular tool, cable ties, oil, or a puncture repair kit.  What won't you travel without?

2. Something you wear when riding.  A favourite pair of gloves perhaps, a heated jacket, a certain pair of boots, or kevlar jeans maybe?

3.  Technical stuff.  Maybe you won't go without a camera, music, a GPS or a laptop.  What item MUST you take?  Don't list a phone, as we all carry those!

4. Essential item to carry with you.  That could be water, sunscreen, paper maps or something else?

5. A luxury item - Cigars, a favourite hat, shoes, an expensive watch?"

If you choose to participate, please click on the link to Gary's blog post above and post your answers for him in his comment section.

Here are my answers:

1.  For my bike - Givi tail bag - I need some space besides my pockets to carry extra gloves, tinted visor's, etc.

2.  Something I wear when riding - My Rev'it Sand riding pants.  Most comfortable riding pants I've owned and they are long enough, woot!

3.  Technical stuff - Canon Camera - I am not very technical so the only techno gadget I carry is my trusty point and shoot Canon camera.

4.  Essential Item to carry with me -  Earplugs - every once in a while I forget to put them in for short jaunts, but they are essential and I always have them with me when riding.

5.  A luxury item - Lipstick - Don't laugh....okay, go ahead and laugh, but I always have pink lipstick in my jacket pocket when riding.  Hey, something has to help distract from helmet hair.

There you have it.

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to help Gary out with his poll.

So, what can you not ride without?

- Au Revoir

"Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough." - Charles Warner


  1. Thank you, that is an interesting survey. It'll be interesting to see the summary.

    1. I wanted to link his poll so try and get him as many responses as possible. Thanks for participating.

  2. 1.) Tire repair, I just want to get home.
    2.) Riding pants
    3.) Camera & Tripod....they're attached like one :)
    4.) Coffee Cup, I try not to use disposable
    5.) Karla, she's total luxury !

    But I carry way more that that, just around town....I'm a bike stuff hoarder. I guess.


    1. Good answers. I bet #5 would make Karla smile.

  3. You, I cannot ride without you. <3

    Essentials? Five things I CANNOT leave behind for long distance rides...

    1. For your bike. A spare key is essential.

    2. Something you wear when riding. ATGATT, my Aerostich suit, (and of course earplugs).

    3. Technical stuff. An air compressor/tire repair kit, that's as technical as I get.

    4. Essential item to carry with you. Water.

    5. A luxury item. A credit card.

    1. Awww. <3 you too.

      Good idea on credit card, with that you can buy any luxury item.

  4. I am totally with you on the lipstick (for me it's lip balm).

    1. I usually have one of each. Lipstick is the luxury, lip balm the essential.

  5. Nice poll - but I don't know if I can narrow it down that much. I don't unload my bike between trips. The only thing I take off it is my clothes and toiletries bag but....
    1 - The tire plug kit if I could only take one thing.
    2 - really. When I go on a trip I switch from a cotton type to a wicking, silky-smooth type of fabric - not certain what it is called, but they are incredibly sexy...oops, I meant comfy...that's what I meant, comfy.
    3 - My canon power shot. Love it!
    4 - I always have water in the left pannier.
    5 - Slippers. I HATE walking around in hotel rooms barefoot.
    6 - If there was a category for "items to give away" - it would be a map. I always try to have an extra DOT map of whatever state I'm in. It happens less now with the ubiquitous GPS, but I still have motorists ask me for directions on occasion. I'll show them on my road map, then if it looks like they need it I'll offer them the map. (You know, the one I got for free from a visitors center) They are shocked and say, "No I can't take your map" But I tell them its fine and they are welcome to it, they act like I'm giving them the world! They're happy, I'm happy, Everybody wins!