Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Be or not to Be.....

I am going to attempt to articulate my thoughts of late. Here goes.

While I've have the Ninja for about 2 weeks now I've still only been out on it once. It seems that we have plans every weekend so riding on days off is out of the question. Week nights are a toss up for me. After working all day, coming home, making dinner, doing the dishes, etc., I just don't feel like getting suited up in "full battle regalia" as I like to call it, to go for a 20-50 mile ride before dark. It is especially hard when it is over 90˚ outside and my new Scorpion mesh jacket is on backorder..... until September. Bugger.

At this point I almost feel guilty for having spent the money on the bike. Could that money have been used elsewhere? Sure it could have. Should I be making more of an effort to ride it? Probably. Could I go out every evening if I had the inclination? I am sure Troubadour could be pursuaded to lead me around more often than not, but I am having trouble getting myself out there.

This brings me to my ponderance of late. I like to call myself a motorcycle enthusiast. I am enthusiastic about motorcycles. I enjoy motorcycling and being on my own bike. I like reading motorcycle magazines. I belong to more than one motorcycle forum. I like riding pillion with hubby, etc, etc.

On the other hand motorcycling is not something I need to do every day. I do not have to ride. I do not start to twitch if I haven't twisted the throttle in a few days. My hand doesn't hit the drivers window in a subconscious 'wave' at riders when in the car. I can get motorcycle overload when too may things are centered around riding and motorcycles for too long of a stretch. Too many days of suiting up and riding out in the heat make me long for my little Versa with air conditioning that I can wear my comfy shorts and sandals while driving.

So does this take away from my enthusiasm? Heck no. I still love motorcycles. But I think you can love the bikes and the sport without actually "loving" the bikes and the sport. Wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean.

Could this be the difference in being a motorcycle enthusiast and being passionate about motorcycles? Am I not passionate about them because they do not consume my world? I don't know. Is the passion that consumes some people and what they feel for motorcycles something that is nurtured and develops the more one rides? I don't know. The more I ride, the more I'll find out if my enthusiasm for riding turns into a passion for riding and all things motorcycles.

As I sit and write this Troubadour is out on a ride with a small group over to Albany for the first of many monthly Albany Bike Nights. I could have gone, but alas, I did not feel like it. He is passionate about the sport and will take almost any opportunity to ride as shown by him commuting on his bike year round. He has over 20 years of riding experience to back up his passion.

I am trying to figure out if by putting more miles on the Ninja I will be more comfortable and confident in riding and thus more engaged /passionate about the sport.

We are hoping to get out for a ride tomorrow evening or maybe even Sunday so we'll see if a few more miles will encourage me a little more. Don't get me wrong, I like to ride and will continue to ride and hone my skills and build confidence, I am just waiting for the passion to kick in to get me off the sofa in the evening and on to the bike more.

On a side note.... It is physically possible to kick ones self in the butt, but somehow it doesn't always motivate.

-Au Revoir

"If you ride like there's no tomorrow, there won't be." ~ Author Unknown


  1. Trobairitz:
    A few years ago (or perhaps it was 2 years ago) my cousin got the bug to get a motorcycle endorsement. At the time, I had m/c's and scooters so he asked to ride one of the scooters. He went around the block and came back with a big grin. Then we discussed the pros and cons of taking a motorcycle course vs buying a bike and learn under my supervision. He rode the scooter on a Sunday and phoned me during the week to discuss motorcycle for sale ads. When he made the decision to buy he called me to accompany him on the next Saturday to go out and purchase a bike. We left early Saturday morning and found a bike 2 hours east of Vancouver. I rode it back for him.
    During the course of the next few months he restored the bike to nearly new condition and managed to obtain his motorcycle license.
    I don't think he has ridden it since. He tried to start it earlier this year but the battery was dead and probably needs a carb cleaning.
    I think it was the challenge. Once he obtained his objective he lost interest. Perhaps in your situation you are not confident enough in your skills and merely require more practice

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. Have you considered using the bike as transportation to and from work?

  3. Bobskoot - Thank you for the story and kind words. I am sure it is as you say, the more I ride and practice, the more confidence I gain and the more I will want to ride. With confidence will come motivation. Might be a matter of comfort zone right now.

    Danny - My daily commute is 3 miles each way. I have about 1/8th mile of 45 mph and the rest city streets by the University that are no more than 30 mph. The 3 miles hardly seem worth helmet head and suiting up although I do see a lot of bikes in the morning. Maybe when the hair gets ponytail length I'll change my tune and ride to work. It is almost there now.

    We are hoping to go out for a ride tonight. Not supposed to be too hot today, yeah.

  4. I'm a nut. I would probably ride anyway despite the short distance. Either that or walk for some exercise.

  5. Bah - If you wanna ride, you wanna ride, if you dont you dont. I wouldnt feel guilty about not taking it out. I have a feeling ill be the same when i get one of my own. I wouldnt want to go out after dinner, dishes, laundry, etc. Plans happen to get in the way of a couple weekends, big whoop! I would have given up riding for the country fair any weekend!

  6. Got off my butt and went for a ride last night, put another 40 miles on the Ninja, yeah. Will go out again this weekend for a longer ride before we heat up into triple digits on Monday. Thank you Troubadour for being such a patient leader.

  7. I have the same problem - £5000 of BMW R1150GS in the garage and no time to ride. I enrolled on an Advanced riding course so at least I'm doing 130 miles every other Sunday ( the rain!).

  8. Sometimes the daily commute to work on the bike becomes just that, a commute to work. If it weren't for the money I'm saving on gas, I might be parking my bike until the weekend just to leave it at that elevated state of riding nirvana, you know? You're too new an operator to feel guilty about anything, just enjoy it when you do take it out and be constantly on your guard for unobservant 4-wheelers. This summer I have had at least 5 or 6 lateral moves from 4-wheelers. Some of them act as though their necks are incapable of turning to check.

  9. Nikos - How is the advanced riding course going? Did it stop raining?

    Julie - Thanks for the kind words. The reason the cagers can't turn their necks is because they'd have to put down their cell phones. Sad but true. At least riding pillion has taught me to be on the look out.