Friday, December 4, 2009

Shiny Bikes and a Purdy Singer

Time goes by at the same rate every year but it sure doesn't seem like it should be December already.

Now that it is December we are getting close to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle and are gearing up to sit on, look at and drool over all the shiny new bikes. Their website does not have the list of vendors for the Seattle show, but it appears that the usual suspects will be there: BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, etc. Unfortunately it looks like Triumph will not be there. That is ok. We know where Rod's shop is in Eugene and we know how to get there. It will be a nice opportunity to check out all of the latest and greatest models in person and actually sit on and compare models without driving back and forth across town.

I am hoping to take a lot of pictures while there and post up a report when we return. Maybe we'll have some pictures of the show, Troubadour and I sitting on different bikes, the train ride, the Arctic Club Hotel, Pike's Place, Pioneer Square, etc. I am going to try and make an effort to take more pictures as we don't always take the cameras out of our pockets. We hope to meet up with fellow bloggers and if so maybe we'll have some photos to document that as well. Rumor has it a few of you might be headed to the show.

Well, before it is time to look at shiny bikes we are going to see a purdy singer. And by purdy I don't mean southern slang for 'pretty' - I mean Joe Purdy the folk singer. I found on his facebook page that he was coming to Eugene on December 8th to perform at WOW Hall. A small historial performing arts center. He is an independent musician and all music is self-released.

Troubadour and I have been a lover of his music for several years now and couldn't beleive he was going to be performing here in Oregon. We were more delighted when we found out the ticket prices were very reasonable - as in $15 per person.

He has released several CD's including "Julie Blue" and "Paris in the Morning." My favorite song by Joe Purdy is "I Love the Rain the Most". This is not his video, just photographs someone has set to the song, but you can listen to the full song. His website will also let you listen to all of his music.

Another one of his great songs is "Wash Away", which apparently was played in the TV show Lost. Another favorite of mine is "Can't Get it Right." Here is his video for that song:

Appearing with Joe Purdy on Tuesday is Canadian Singer Meaghan Smith. Until we saw her advertised as a special guest we hadn't heard of her. We are so sheltered down here below the 49th Parallel. After some internet research we found we were really happy she was appearing. We quite enjoyed the clips of her music we discovered. Her singing reminds me of Stacey Kent.

Here is her video for "A Little Love":


-Au Revoir

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without."~ Confucius

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