Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Motorcycles and Meows.....

Since Troubadour is out answering the call of the wild I figured I'd hang back and put up a new post. RickRick called and wanted to do an evening ride. I declined as my night vision is crap and I know they'll return after dark.

On a side note, on our ride on Sunday the 12th, I managed to get a picture or two of the TU.

I took the opportunity to take a few photos when everyone was foraging for wild blackberries by the side of the road. I love Oregon, where nature provides an after ride snack. Here is Troubadour enjoying the bounty of blackberries.

Here is a pic of the TU and the America together. We didn't park that close so it was hard to get them in the same shot.

Work has been pretty busy for me lately so we haven't been up to much during the week. This last weekend we didn't get out on the bikes due to the weather, but instead took the car up to Portland on Saturday and wandered around. Stopped at Cascade Moto Classics and looked at the Triumphs and Moto Guzzis. They sold the last of their Moto Guzzi V7 Classics so I wasn't able to sit on one. There is a white one that parks in front of the office every once in a while and teases me singing a siren's song. The gentleman at the shop said they are quite user friendly and low maintenance being shaft drive and all. Sure is a nice looking bike, but.... it's no Triumph. (which rumor has it is coming out with a 450 twin in the future)

Sunday we got a little adventurous and scraped the 'popcorn' texture off the ceiling of the spare room, painted it white and then painted the floor brown to match the rest of the house. Finished up by 3 pm. Troubadour also did a little mudding on the drywall in the walk in closet. Only one room left to go when this one is finished and that is our bedroom. We still need to finish the closet and paint the walls in the spare room, but all in good time.

And now for the meow part of my title. I haven't posted any pics of Basil in a while so I thought I'd see if we'd taken any lately. He is 6 years old and 16 lbs of bully. Growling at the neighbors and friends through the windows. He is a softy at heart though. Here is what I came up with.....

Tomorrow we welcome the official first day of Autumn here in our northern hemisphere. The leaves are already starting to change and have been for a few weeks. We've had some rain lately and the grass has once again turned green and will remain so until next summer. Luckily sunshine is in the forecast for the weekend so we may get in a 'fall colors' ride and stop to take some pictures.

- Au Revoir

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." ~ Albert Camus


  1. Basil is quite the photography model. Very dignified in the first shot. I love the closeup crop of his face - great image!

  2. Basil is gorgeous - at 16 lbs, is he a Maine Coon? He looks very similar to one owned by one of my riding partners. Sorry - other way round... he owns my riding partner.

  3. Troubairitz: You were lucky to get out for a ride. That was probably the last good weekend of the summer season. It has nearly rained non-stop since then. It's nice to see you riding your own bike. Say hi to Basil for us

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. @Bluekat - luckily we didn't have to crop the last photo, that was the whole photo. Troubadour got creative.

    @Geoff - Basil was a stray. One of Troubadour's co-workers' dogs had it cornered under some grapes and couldn't keep him. We took him in and he is spoiled rotten. He was a little thing less than 6 months old. We think he is either part Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, but we'll never know.

    @Bobskoot - Supposed to be sunny and in the low 80's on Saturday. Another ride is planned but it is 340 miles with at least 4 passes. Not sure me and the little TU could keep up.

  5. Trobairitz, seeing as Troubadour has a new bike I wondered if you were looking to change the TU? I saw this little Honda recently, nice looking bike and probably quite cheap in the USA. Great photos by the way.

  6. Lovely bike shots. I have also an issue with my night vision (which is almost non existent...), and I hate riding or driving at night.
    Basil very much looks like he knows that he is the star in the house ;-) The last pic is totally sweet.