Sunday, June 19, 2011

Win Some, Lose Some

Sometime during the last week I decided that my new Rev'it riding pants were really going to bother me in the way that they ride up my leg while on the bike. The cold air blowing over my exposed leg coupled with having the zipper exposed to the rain may have added to the soggy cold socks on the way home last Sunday and that got me thinking.

I messaged back and forth on Facebook with Mike from Premier Motogear to see if they had a Cayenne Pro trouser in black in a medium tall. Of course not. That would be too easy. Could he get one in? He didn't think they could get in any Cayenne Pros in black. He did say he was able to order a pair in green if I wanted that. Ummmmm, no, thank you.

Bollocks! He suggested I bring the pants back and try the Rev'it Sand trousers on again only this time in the medium tall. I was trying to remember why I didn't like the Sand when I tried them on last weekend, but capitulated and said sure. If they didn't work he was willing to let me return the pants for a refund even though I'd worn them once.

After having a nice nothing but blue sky, warm sunny Friday, yesterday dawned cloudy and drizzly. We took the car to coffee. By the time we left the coffee shop and headed to Premier it was raining. Of course it was, it's the weekend. Troubadour rebelled and wore shorts anyway. I wore my new Keen Emerald City sandals (hooray - they are finally making dressy looking ones) The closer my feet are to naked the happier they are so I love the time of year where I don't have to wear socks and closed shoes.

(Bobskoot inspiring feet photos again)

When we arrived at Premier, Mike grabbed the Sand trousers and pulled out the hip padding and had me try them on. They fit in the waist (after cinching) and thigh area, same as the Cayenne Pro, but they were definitely baggier from the knee down. In their back shop they happened to have a Kawasaki Concourse. He was nice and let me go back to check leg length while in a riding position. Major difference between the standard length and a tall. Tall was the way to go.

Now I had a dilemma. I could order the Cayenne Pro online and get them in black in the correct size and length OR I could take the Sand I was trying on.

Any guess on which I chose?

I chose the Sand I was trying on. A few things tilted my decision in that direction.

1) Great customer service and I was able to buy local. Not always easy to do these days;

2) The Sand trousers have more adjustments at the calf for tightening them than the Cayenne Pro;

3) The Sand have cargo pockets on the legs whereas the Cayenne Pro just had narrow slit pockets at the top; and

4) The Sand trousers were $100 less that the Cayenne Pro.

Sand Trousers (note nice cargo pockets)

I figured all those outweighed a slightly baggier pant from the knee down. I didn't realize until after we'd gotten home and I did a little research that the Sand do not have any Cordura either. They are made with "PWR/shell seat and PWR wax coating on the inside of the legs for a better grip on the bike." I am sure they will wear just as well as the Cayenne Pro for how I use them. Win some, lose some.

After leaving Premier we headed north to Salem to Sushi Kyo for lunch. After stuffing ourselves on miso soup, edamame, and sushi rolls we headed to Costco. Not the best choice of things to do on a Saturday but we needed a few necessities such as coffee and toilet paper.

We ended up buying a small pocket camera while we were there. They had the Fuji XP20 in a bundle with a rechargeable battery, neoprene case, battery charger, and 4 GB memory card on sale for $139. We have been thinking of buying a smaller pocket size digital camera so that when riding we'd each have one and the Canon is just too big for my pockets. This camera claims to be water proof, dust proof, freeze proof and shock proof. Sounds perfect for motorcycling. We decided to purchase it. How wrong can you go for $139, especially when Costco has a 90-day return policy on digital cameras. There were three colors to choose from; green, orange and blue. Of course I got the blue.

This camera only has a 5x zoom, which is about half of the Canon, but it has the panoramic stitching feature as well as being very small and light. So far it is easy to use and easy to switch between the features.

When we got home last night we charged the battery, which only took an hour, and started taking a few pictures to try it out. Luckily the sun had come out by this time. Troubadour went out and took a few pictures of flowers in the back yard.



(Tree Peony avec bee)

(Tree Peony sans bee)

I also tried it out a bit on some things around yard.

This morning Troubadour went out for a ride with a few friends. I chose to stay home. I think he needs to go riding every now and again without a newer rider hanging around so that he can go at his own pace and have fun with the guys.

I just took the camera out to test the panoramic mode and came up with the following two pictures of the back yard. Click the picture for a larger view.

(Back yard taken from the deck)

(back yard taken standing at the pergola swing)

I had to take one last picture. This is a little acrylic mushroom statue. I bought it a few weeks ago on impulse to bring a bright spot to the flower bed by our back deck. It makes me smile.

So, as you can see, the camera doesn't take the greatest or clearest photos but if you take it for what it is, I think we'll have a camera that can be abused riding, hiking and travelling and will help us capture the moment. For times that require stellar pictures we'll still have the Canon.

I have found two things awkward with the camera so far. One is that you need to open the battery/memory card door in order to open the little door that hides the USB hook up. This is because they both need to be sealed under the waterproof latch; understandable but inconvenient. The other thing is that the shutter release button isn't on the very right side of the camera, the zoom is. I find this slightly awkward since I am used to the Canon. The large rectangle button between the on/off button and zoom is the shutter release. You win some, you lose some.

-Au Revoir

" Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art." ~ Ambrose Bierce



  1. That sounds like a great shop that really knows what customer service is all about. I would go out of my way to support them as well. Plus, reason #4 is a nice addition.

    I was thinking of looking for a water/dust resistant point and shoot. Looking forward to your future thoughts.


  2. Trobairitz:

    I need new pants too. My JR alter ego don't fit so hot. Maybe I'll just wait for your hand-me-downs. I bought oversize so I could wear them overtop my regular pants but the armour isn't in the right place.

    Great minds think alike. I also go for those water type shoes that don't require socks. I like fresh air and tan lines, or no tan lines

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Forget the pants - buy the Concours!

  4. I read your post on finding pants, and hadn't had a chance to comment yet. Sorry to hear they didn't work out. But maybe okay if you found something better.

    I don't know what it is, but when in comes to gear for women, all the companies seem to miss the mark on one thing or another.

    Nice little camera. Perfect for the pocket. We've had a couple of fujis and have had good luck with them.

  5. I have a number of pairs of pants. Why? None of them are quite right. So, I'm not sure it is a woman gear thing.

    I'd mentioned to Heather that I'd love to get a waterproof camera and here you write about one. I'll be interested to hear how it proves out. The camera I'm using is a Fuji and it does okay.

    Hopefully, these pants will work good enough. I think "good enough" is about all we can expect from pants. Oh well.

    Thanks for the share,

  6. @ Richard - they are a great shop, but don't necessarily have a lot of stock as they are quite small. We try to shop local when we can.

    @Bobskoot - It is convenient to have overpants but when they are so big the armor doesn't hit right they aren't comfy. I rode to work yesterday and to get them over my jeans took the quilted thermal liner out and it worked fine.

    @Andrew - not quite ready for a big bike yet, lol

    @Bluekat - Sizing is just wrong not just gear for me but clothes too. I think my problem is I am not a normal size (whatever normal is) When I get something that the legs are long enough in the rest is too baggy. And with the top if it is large enough for long arms and wide shoulders then the rest is baggy. Sigh.

    @CircleBlue - Haven't tested the waterproof abilities of the camera yet but so far it seems fine considering how inexpensive it was.

    Back in the day I was the Assistant Manager at a Japan Camera and we not only sold Fuji cameras but our house brand of film (see - long time ago) was Fuji. I have always preferred it over Kodak. Will keep finding photo opportunities and do a review on it.

  7. Pretty understanding, aren't you? Oh, honey, go ride without being held back by a new rider.

    This little voice asks me who is being unburdened of whom? :)

  8. So, on you also develop a foot fetish? By the way I very much like the sandals!!!
    Lovely backyard you have there.

  9. I agree with you analysis of the Fuji. I purchased one for Oilburner to replace his 6 year old waterproof Optio. It is a good camera for what it is. Not the highest quality, but definitely waterproof. (I always have to test that out. hehe)