Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Francisco Extravaganza - Day Two - Part Three

Where was I? Oh yes, Fisherman's Wharf. As we turned towards Pier 45 down at Fisherman's Wharf we saw a warehouse that beckoned.

Musee Mechanique - An Antique Coin Operated Arcade sounded interesting. The entrance had this sign.

Luckily Troubadour had a pocket full of quarters from the change machine at the airport from when we needed exact change for the BART shuttle.

Intrigued we entered. Most of the machines I'd never seen before. Some were interesting and some were downright creepy.

Can't have the English Execution without the French Execution....

Some machines had a certain silent lure that male patrons were unable to resist....

I never did find out what Naughty Marietta was doing to hold his interest.

I took a lot more photos inside the arcade of the different and unique machines and will post them up in a follow-up post all their own at a later date.

We walked out the back door of the museum and saw the USS Pampanito submarine.

(Seagull chillin' out on the Pampanito)

Right behind the Pampanito on Pier 45 was the Jeremiah O'Brian now back in it's berth.

We did not get to tour the Jeremiah O'Brian as the people from the cruise were disembarking. The next cruise isn't until October.

We cut through the museum to get back on the main thoroughfare. As we exited I spotted a Vespa all alone.

It didn't have a nice backdrop like the one on Telegraph Hill. We kept walking east towards Hyde Street Pier while stopping at a few vendors for a bit of fun.

And we walked a little further.

We did not eat at the Blue Mermaid but the sign was too neat not to take a picture.

I am going to stop for now since I took a lot of photographs on the 4 historical vessels we toured at the Hyde St. Pier, part of the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park.

- Au Revoir

" The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Self-Reliance," 1841.


  1. Do those hats count as helmet replacement? You are really walking in our shoes. There is not one thing we haven't done or haven't been that you were visiting. And yes, we tried the hats as well. I remember having a milk carton hat on.
    Those coin operated machines are really freaky. Reminds me of the movie Big, with a very young Tom Hanks and involving a considerably younger me.

  2. Nice shots of all of those weird machines. I remember seeing thing like that when I was a kid in places like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, the Santa Monica pier and even Disneyland. They seemed strange then and even stranger now. I've ben tempted to go through the submarine but never did.

    These posts have been a great tour of SF.

  3. It's interesting to see what games are in the arcade. The execution & opium den - you certainly wouldn't see them made today because of political correctness. As for naughty what's her name, lol I think I'll pass. Love the hats particularly the giraffe.

  4. @Sonja - I don't think they are a helmet replacement but you might be able to stretch one over a helmet. That would look cool.

    @Richard - We didn't do the submarines but I think they would be neat too. More confining that the USS Hornet.

    @Dar - I agree, those things you definitely wouldn't see today. I'll get a post up of some of the other crazy ones too. I didn't peek at Naughty Marietta either, lol.