Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chuckles & Grins.....

While perusing iPhoto looking for a few specific pics for an upcoming renovations post, I came across the following picture and had to share.

And if you can't tell by the really short hair it is yours truly upon Troubadour's old 2001 Triumph Sprint ST.

I cannot even begin to count the thousands of miles I spent hanging on to the back of that thing. Good times and fond memories.

But wait, I can't forget a picture of Troubadour taken the same day.....

Hmmmm such choices, look at the pretty bike, or look at the pretty view? I had quite the dilemma that day .....

This blast from the past was brought to you by the letter 'C' - as in crazy for not wearing ATGATT. At least we've since changed our evil ways and now we always ride ATGATT.

- Au Revoir

"We do not remember days, we remember moments." - Cesare Pavese (The Burning Brand)



  1. Love the blast from the past! I was just looking at a photo of me with hair that short, but then again it's not much longer today.

  2. I noticed this morning that you are my blog's 8th follower. Thank you for linking me.

  3. Loving the short hair! That's something different. Although not wearing ATGATT, you look pretty well equipped given some other helmet-less riders only wearing tees, shorts and flip-flops. The last picture gets extra points for nice bike, nice view and nice person ;-)

  4. Very nice - that Triumph suits you well!

  5. I don't think I would have recognized you at all in that picture! The last shot is especially nice. Keep dredging up this photos from the archives.

  6. Trobairitz:

    you look good, either way. Long or short. Must be that vegan diet. I wouldn't mind having a 2001 Triumph Sprint ST today

    Riding the Wet Coast

  7. Great pictures, and it is good to dig out old ones from time to time.

  8. @Eve - It is good to look back every once in a while so see where we've been, it helps to focus on the future.

    @NoName - No problem, you are welcome. I saw your comment on another blog and followed the link. The more moto bloggers connected together the better.

    @Sonja - Thanks Sonja, sometimes I miss my short hair - much easier under the helmet than what I have now.

    @Nikos - thank you good sir

    @Richard - not only is my hair long now, I weight a good 20 lbs less now too. You never know what old photos I'll find.

    @Bobskoot - You are too kind Bob. The Sprint was nice but I don't think our knees could handle being folded at that angle. Troubadour doesn't like the Gladius for that reason. He says Max's pegs are up too high.

    @Raftnn - Thank you. It is fun to dig out the old pics, as long as they aren't too embarassing, well, even then they can still be fun.

  9. I don't think I've ever seen the Sprint before. It's always fun to see the pics from the past don't you think :)

    I'm guessing the view is Mary's Peak?

  10. Beautiful bike! Hair looks cute short. You still had more gear than most. You have embraced ATGATT & that's what's important. Love the pictures particularly the last one.

  11. @Bluekat - Brad had the Sprint before he bought the Triumph America. The Sprint was his first Triumph - the one that got him hooked. And yes the last two pics are Mary's Peak and the first one is taken on the back road between Blodgett and Eddyville.

    @Dar - Thanks Dar. Sometimes I miss my short hair for under the helmet but overall I prefer it longer.

  12. Looking back always makes me smile too. All the gear, all the time - isn't it great to know we're getting wiser with age (I'm glad we get something for it :o}