Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Custom Bike Build Off

In a previous post regarding the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle, I included a picture of a custom bike designed by Chris Flechtner of Speed Shop Designs, LLC.

We took many photos of the bike that day and I wanted to share the rest of them.

Although there were well over a dozen bikes in the custom bike build off, I thought that his bike was by far was the most creative and aesthetically pleasing. And yes, I made sure I put my vote in for it to win. ( it looks like he won People's Choice)

(Mr. Flechtner with his custom bike)

According to the informational sign he displayed with the bike, the details are as follows:

Owner: Christopher Flechtner
Builder: Speed Shop Design, LLC
Bike Name: Beezerker
Make/Model/Year: 2010 Speed Shop Design Beezerker
Paint By: Speed Shop Design
Engine Type: 1965 BSA 650 cc
Engine Mods: Twist clutch, SU Carburetor
Chassis Type: Salt Flat Racer
Chassis Mods: One off design w/internal exhaust
Special Features: Too many to list on the sign

(front view shown with info sign)

(rear view - very sleek machine)

Pictures do not do the bike justice. It really is a thing of beauty in person. It's very creative, but me thinks it wouldn't be too comfortable to ride though. Ahhh to have that kind of imagination.

- Au Revoir

"Trust that little voice in your head that says: Wouldn't it be interesting if ....... and then do it." - Duane Michals "More Joy of Photography"



  1. Trobairitz:

    Did you point out that the rear sprocket is also the rear disc brake ?

    also when I was originally drawn to that bike, there was this guy standing behind the bike and I nearly shouted at him to move out of the way so I could snap a photo. I waited a bit and he didn't move. Later I found out that he was Chris, the builder.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Interesting bike and it looks very well finished. And the lack of paint makes it very difficult to hide poor workmanship...

  3. When I saw the first photo of this bike on your blog I commented on how taken I was with it. You promised more pictures. Thanks for keeping your promise. I love these. I must agree with you, I'd be quite surprised if it was very comfortable to ride . . . . but, oh my, it is a pretty thing.

  4. Hey thanks so much for that Trobairitz - it's gorgeous. Reminiscent of the sort of bikes which Deus Ex Machina build. There's some beautiful and innovative engineering in it, yet it's elegantly simple.

  5. Very aesthetically pleasing, but I agree it doesn't look like a comfy for riding. There is definitely an artfulness to it.

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  7. @Bobskoot - No, I didn't point out that information since my memory wasn't too clear on what was special about the sprocket. Thanks for commenting on it though to inform everyone. Now they'll know.

    @Richard - I agree

    @CircleBlue - Was thinking of your comment when I wrote this post. Glad you enjoyed additional pictures.

    @Geoff - I agree - elegant, yet simple

    @Dar - It is amazing how sleek the bike is. Good for cutting in and out of traffic perhaps.

    @Len - thank you good sir. I will have a look see at your blog and link it in my side bar as well. Cheers.

  8. It's.....interesting. But then my kids think my tastes are waaaay out of whack. I don't think a bike looks good until it has panniers and is ready for a long trip. :)
    Having said that, it is the outside of the box thinkers that bring improvements!
    Congrats to Christopher for his win.

  9. @Ken - Interesting is a good word for it. Not practical but pretty to look upon.

  10. @TuscanFoodie - I did't think it would appeal to everyone, but then most bikes don't. If everyone liked the same type of bikes we'd all be riding the same brand and model.