Sunday, February 3, 2013

Motorcycle Swag Bag Giveweay

Back in December we went to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle.  As we were wandering around the booths I had the idea of picking up as much free swag as I could and using it as a giveaway. I was actually inspired by a post that Pam from Helmet or Heels did a few months ago when she gave away free samples of a face/body lotion and Doug from Forty Years on Two Wheels when he did a $50 gift card giveaway.

So, while wandering around the show I picked up as many little goodies as I could.  Some I had to trade my email address for but, over the years when filling out those forms I've learned to always use my work email and work telephone number with our PO Box.  No junk mail at home for me that way.

There is quite a mixture of goodies and I apologize it has taken me so long to post this.  


(Allstate - Once is Never Enough T-Shirt - Adult Large)

(2013 Official Show Calendar - calendar contains pictures of actual bikes)

(A few goodies)

(Still more goodies)

(Geico folding backpack to hold all the swag)


*  1 - black adult size Large Allstate "Once is Never Enough" t-shirt
*  1 - 2013 Official calendar of the show
*  1 - Allstate 'Watch for Motorcycles' keychain
*  3 - Twisted Throttle retro-reflective triangle stickers/decals
*  1 - Triumph - Latus Motors pen and 1 - Triumph sticker/decal
*  1 - Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca tire pressure gauge and 1 - Leguna Seca track sticker/decal
*  2 - foam bottle or can cozies - one is Mobile One Oil and the other is Cycle Trader
*  1 - black Galfer master cylinder cozy and 1 - Galfer sticker/decal
*  1 - Progressive kickstand support puck
*  1 - Touratech sticker/decal
*  1 - black Geico folding backpack - great for stashing in a tank bag just in case.

THE WHEN, WHERE AND HOW:  On Sunday, February 10th I will go online to and enter each person's name who has commented on this post once into the List Randomizer.  When I click the 'randomize' button, whichever name appears at #1 will win the bag of swag.

I will announce the winner in a separate post on February 10, 2013 and ask that person to click the "email me" link in my profile and provide me with their mailing address.  I will pay complete postage of course.

- Au Revoir

"It isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it." - Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994


  1. Very cool idea! I saw some of this merchandise at our show but not made a real haul.

  2. I would really like to see some of "actual bikes". :) But discount me from the comp as international postage is pretty scary.

  3. That's a lot of stuff you picked up. Once they see that you've jsut given it away, you will be black listed at future shows.

    (Most motorcycle vendors consider Alaska a foriegn country as we get told that free shipping only applies in the United States.)

  4. Trobairitz:

    I also have a bit of swag collected over the years accumulated from scooter rallies. I'll have to see if there is anything of value left as I started to throw some of it away

    Riding the Wet Coast
    My Flickr // My YouTube

  5. Woot-woot! Nice back of swag. Count me in!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout-out!

  6. Oh my, you are always up to something clever.

  7. Cute, and generous, but sending swag to Canadar-eh, will cost a bomb, eh, and besides, like I didn't see any bacon or Canadian beer swag, eh, so like count me out eh. Oh, and Canada got it's name when we pulled letters out a Scrabble bag, eh. "C" eh, "N" eh, "D" eh.

  8. I can save you some postage...I already have a Twisted Throttle sticker...

  9. What a great bag of goodies .. and the draw is on our wedding anniversary to, is that a sign. Meh dont count me Brandy due to the ridiculous shipping rates.

    Tis a very cool thing to do tho :D

  10. Everyone gets a chance to hit at t-ball. I am prepared to pay for postage no matter what country or part of the globe the winner lives. I knew ahead of time what country people are located and the swag should fit in a large envelope and isn't that heavy.

    So.....whether you live in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, South Africa everyone gets their name in the hat so to speak.

  11. I weighed the goodies and went onto the US Post office website and calculated the postage to various countries. The most was $18 and I was expecting $30 so that is just a bonus.

    So, you are all in the draw, ha ha!

  12. That was quite the swag haul! Count me in!

  13. I am freebies! SO if I comment like 20 times does that mean I get to go in the draw 20 times....(Us kiwis are bright ah!)

  14. Down Rogey! I decided on the name randomized instead of the number corresponding to a comment for just such reason. every one only gets to answer once.

    And this wasn't even all the swag we came home with. Brad got one of the same shirts which he kept and we also picked up multiples of some other things that we took to Saturday coffee to give away. We're crazy that way.

  15. What a great idea! I hope I win. :-)

  16. I like the shirt. So what the heck, put me into the mix.

  17. Looks like you had fun - planning on going to the show in Indy in a couple of weeks. See what I can score if I don't win your bag!

    1. What a cool idea! I have a few T-shirts bought on our mass rides for charity and are proud to wear them :-)

  18. Thanks everyone for commenting/entering the draw. I am trying to keep my comments to a minimum rather than replying to each one so it is easier to see who has commented.

  19. Too funny and very generous. I had to laugh at the swag. We picked up most of the same stuff when the show was here. Of course the guys like the calendar... :) Count me out as I do have most of that. Give it to someone that needs it more than I. But very nice haul.

    1. Okay, you are off the hook. but only because you already have the same swag.

  20. Amazing. At the bike shows over here you are lucky to get a sticker let alone decent freebies!

    1. The give aways are usually to coerce you into giving them an email address, although some are simply freebies. To get the calendar you had to be on last years mailing list and get a post card in the mail before the show, bring it to the show and trade it for the calendar.

  21. What a great idea to pass on all the things that these shows have to offer. Fun!

  22. Replies
    1. You just did. On Sunday I'll enter everyone's names into the randomizer and see who it picks as #1 on the list.

  23. Don't remember.....did I crease the corners?? :)

  24. That's very generous of you. The t-shirt that says "Once is never enough" is cool. There's something to show off at work to start a conversation! Hope you have a lovely weekend...cup of coffee and maybe a ride?

  25. Wow! Three days that I don't check and all sorts of things happen.
    Please count me in. It would be fun to have some of those items.
    Meanwhile I and my BRW will be starting the "GREAT CLEAR THE DRIVEWAY" process within the next hour or so. Our drifts are chest high…. much fun… winter in Maine.