Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Kissing the Trail Revisited

Last year on the July 4th long weekend Troubadour and I went on a mountain bike ride at Siltcoos Lake just south of Florence on the Oregon Coast.  I blogged about it here:  LINK. You'll need to scroll down the post to the Sunday ride.

With the weather in the Willamette Valley breaking records and coastal weather a good 30˚ cooler, we thought it was a good time to ride it again.

Misery loves company so Polar Bear, his Wife Sweet Pea, and the Polar Cub came along.  Well technically we went along with them since Polar Bear drove.

They picked us just before 10 am on Friday.  We loaded our bikes onto the trailer and headed Southwest to the Coast.

(The PolarCub and the bikes on the trailer - the neighbor's house doesn't make a good backdrop)
We arrived at the trailhead around noon.  Had a picnic lunch and set off on the trail after a few practice laps around the parking lot.

The last time we rode it I was on my hybrid bike so I was quite curious to see how I'd do on the mountain bike. (It was easier and less work overall)

We set off in a row; Troubadour in the lead, then me, the Cub, Polar Bear, and Sweet Pea. Unfortunately Sweet Pea was on a bike unfamiliar to her and wasn't having any fun.  She decided to push the bike the entire way.  The trailhead sign said 4 miles but the app on her and Polar Bear's phones said 7 miles.  Such a trooper for pushing it the whole way rather than taking the bike back and hiking it.

(Siltcoos Trail, Florence,OR)

(Troubadour having fun with the PolarCub about a sticker on his helmet)

(Group photo - PolarCub, Polar Bear, Sweet Pea, and Troubadour)

(Going up......)

(My ride - might soon be traded for a different one)

(Stopping to wait for the crew- photo by Troubadour)

(C'est moi - Photo by Troubadour)

(Time for hydration - photo by Troubadour)

(PolarCub taking a break)

(Sunshine through the trees)

(A view of Siltcoos Lake taken from one of the hike/bike/boat in campsites)

(Troubadour taking a rest)

(Troubadour at play)
While the cub didn't appreciate the tree roots sticking up across the trail and the many hills, he gave it a 3 out of 5 starts when all was said and done.  Not sure if he'd be willing to do it again, but I know we would.

By the numbers:

5  -  The number of riders/bikes
8  -  The number of mosquito bites I got
0  -  The number of mosquito bites Troubadour received.  WTF?
1  -  The number of times I jammed my knee into my front tire
4  -  The number of miles claimed on the trailhead sign
7  -  The number of miles of trail according to Polar Bear and Sweet Pea's phone apps
2  -  The number of peanut butter sammiches hubby and I consumed prior to riding (1 each)
4  -  The number of Starbucks Frappuccinos bought in Florence on the way home
5  -  The number of people who slept really well Friday night.

Thank you for driving Andy!

- Au Revoir

" We are each the star in our own situation comedy, and, with luck, the screwball friend in somebody else's." - Robert Brault


  1. hmmm, zero mosquito bites for troubadour? must not be sweet enough.

    1. He now says he got one or two but they don't itch. How do they not itch when I am trying to scratch my legs and left forearm off?

  2. Darn mosquitos, I am also always the one getting bugged, even been bitten through the clothing.

    1. Yep, the darn buggers got my ankles through my socks and my legs through the yoga pants. Could be worse, at least they didn't get me on the butt.

  3. Thanks Brandy.. I had a good time... Rockin' the Pink Plaid seat still... I would do it again.. Maybe reverse direction, but the downhill was a blast. The Incredible Hulk (Green Fatbike) was awesome on the tree roots. I was pretty worn out after riding Saturday and Sunday.. I tried Middle Ridge on Blue Thunder.. aka (The Jolly Blue Giant) 1994 Giant Sedona ATX , but had to walk it up most of the climb.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it Andy. Has Karen forgiven us yet? 3 days of riding, you needed a day off to relax before going back to work.

  4. Looks like a great area for riding and a nice day. The mossies seem to like me too - the feeling is not mutual!

    1. It was, maybe this weekend we'll get out on the motorcycles.

      We aren't used to mosquitos in the valley since it is so hot and dry with no standing water. Never thought about how abundant they were at the coast.

  5. Sounds like a great adventure and a better work out... I'm with SweetPea, nothing like a bike you don't like or don't know, think I would have ditched it and hiked.

    1. It was a pretty good work out. Nice to escape the valley heat. Luckily our weather has finally changed and it is now nice and cool.

  6. A great riding day and location. Love the density of those pines in the forest and I'm surprised they left you room for a trail :)

    1. I think most of the Siuslaw National Forest is Douglas Fir trees. We seem to see the most pine trees on the east side of the Cascades in the high desert areas. Which is good since pine pollen is as bad as grass pollen to my allergies.

      Some of the trail parts were narrow with a canyon on one side, but we love riding through the trees.

  7. What a beautiful place to ride a bike. You've motivated me to get out my hybrid when I return from my current Central Australia trip and explore my region by bike. I could do with the exercise anyway.

    1. I've done this trail on my hybrid as well. We find it much nicer to ride off into the woods than deal with traffic when on the bicycles.