Friday, June 2, 2017

Visiting Bloggers, Camping, and Saturday Coffee

This post will encompass the last three weekends. I haven't had time recently for much blogging so I will put it all together and try not to make it too long.  Lucky for you I haven't taken many pictures.


A busy weekend for us.  Blogging friends RichardM and ChrisL both arrived in Corvallis this day. It just so happened that Richard was to arrive in Oregon when Chris was landing at the Portland airport and was able to give him a ride to Corvallis.

Richard also brought ScooterBob along to officially pass the torch.  We made sure to go out for a yummy dinner at Evergreen Indian Restaurant while they were both here.  If we look tired it is because Chris, Troubadour, and I ate and shopped our way through Portland on this day (Saturday) and this was also after a late dinner and past my bedtime.

(Troubadour, Trobairitz, ChrisL, RichardM, and ScooterBob - photo by Richard)
Richard was a champ and even gave Chris a ride back to Portland on Monday since he was headed that way anyway to pick up his RV.   Troubadour and I both had to work Monday.


A camping weekend.  About every other year we try and get together with Troubadour's brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew for a camping trip.  You may remember camping in Kalaloch on the Olympic Peninsula from the year before last.  LINK ----> HERE.

This year was at the camping area in Washington Park in Anacortes, Washington.  We were far enough north in Washington that we were actually north of the city of Victoria on Vancouver Island.  Anacortes is an hour or so (depending on traffic) north of Seattle on Fidalgo Island.

We arrived later than anticipated as it took us 3 hours to go the 50 some odd miles from Seattle to our exit at Mount Vernon.  Yes, 3 hours to go 50 miles.  Sigh.  It was a long day.

By the time we got our tent and stuff set up we had just enough time for a campfire and a quick visit before bed.

Saturday we took the kids down to the playground in the day-use/boat launch area and let them burn off some energy.  The kids and the brothers even attempted kite flying, but there wasn't quite enough wind.

(Washington Park day-use/boat launch, Anacortes, WA)

(Kites in the air - I think Troubadour is on the play structure on the right)

(Troubadour's brother Bear getting a kite ready)

(Nephew Little Bear rocking the rings)

(Niece Faith and Troubadour having fun)
After playing and warming up in the sunshine we walked back to the campsites and had some lunch. From there it was a nature walk. There is a 2 mile road that goes around the park. Unfortunately they tout it as a walking trail too, which would be fine if there weren't so many cars on the one-lane road.  Luckily it was one-way traffic.  We spend our time dodging cars and taking different paths to view the water or walk through the trees.

(A view of one of the many surrounding islands)

(Many boats were in the water)

(Lots of boats)

(Troubadour soaking up the sun and enjoying the view)

(The spring wildflowers were in bloom)

(There were a lot of wild shrub roses smelling pretty and reminding me of BC and Alberta)

(We think the snowy mountains might be on Vancouver Island to the west)

(One of the trails through the woods)
Back at camp the squirrels were getting closer.  The one below ran up a tree when it spotted the in-laws dog. 

(A bold brown squirrel)

(Hello squirrel)
One of the funniest things we saw while camping was a squirrel running down the road in the campground with a face full of marshmallows he'd stolen from a camper.  Well, that or the deer ripping open a bag of hot dog buns and having a feast. That was at the campsite beside us, we were smart and kept our food locked in the Subaru when not eating.  The campground critters appeared well fed.

On Sunday we went for a drive.  We crossed the historic Deception Pass Bridge (which was crammed full of tourists) and ended up in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, located a little south west of Anacortes and the home to a Naval Base.  We found Windjammer Park right by the water. We stayed long enough to all get a little sunburned. Our campground was in the tall evergreen trees and was quite chilly.  It was nice to sit in the sun and warm up and take off a few fleece layers.

(Windjammer Park, Oak Harbor, WA)

(Pretty views of the water)
Looking a little northeast a large structure caught our attention.  We weren't sure what it was at the time and my best guess using Google is that it is part of the Naval Air Station's Seaplane Base.  I guess there are actually two Naval bases on the Island.

(Interesting view with the mountains behind it)

(A closer view with the Canon camera zoomed in)
As we were walking back to the parking lot I noticed the windmill.  A large Dutch population moved into the area in the 1890's, 40 years after the Irish settled the area.  

(Windmill in Windjammer Park, Oak Harbor, WA)
We relaxed for the rest of the day at the campsite and headed home on Monday.  Another long drive with heavy traffic through Seattle and Portland.  That'll learn us for not leaving earlier.

Tuesday night we were lucky enough to go out for dinner with RichardM and his lovely wife Bridget.  This time it was Thai food at the Woodsman Restaurant in Philomath, and again we stayed up past our bedtime.  (We get up at 4 am, so we try and be in bed by 9 on a work night). We always enjoy their company when they are in town.  Below photo courtesy of Richard.

(Troubadour, Trobairitz, Bridget, and Richard)

While we initially had a longer motorcycle ride planned for last Saturday, we ended up staying at Saturday Morning Coffee longer than anticipated.  It was almost noon and we were hungry for lunch so we just went home.

I believe these are the same pictures I posted over on Wet Coast Scooting.  Not a large turn out for coffee but we've recently changed venues and that hasn't sat well with some of the folks.

(Tiger 955, Versys 300, Daytona 675, Tiger 955, Monster 1200, and ScooterBob)

(What is this creature that has wandered into the paddock?)

(Troubadour. PolarBear, Melissa, Josh, and ScooterBob at Tried & True Coffee, south Corvallis, OR)
We have hopes/intentions for a three-day trip to Southern Oregon at some point this summer and if all goes according to plan we'll get pictures of the bikes and ScooterBob with 12 different covered bridges we haven't seen before.  Now, if we can only find a three-day weekend where it isn't too hot down there.  We were going to go last September, but the temperatures were around 100˚F (38˚C) and we just weren't keen on that much riding in that heat.

Fingers crossed we can make it happen this year.

- Au Revoir

" After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done." - Author Unknown


  1. Awesome to see ScooterBob again, that was so much fun. Hope that you're enjoying the Kawasaki!

    1. So far so good Geoff. I am enjoying the taller front tire and smaller turning radius. Even though we didn't ride it far last Saturday I did really enjoy it and I am looking forward to getting out on a longer ride.

  2. Great post, camping conditions seem crowded up there....then again, things are getting crowded here as well most of the time it seems.

    1. Camping at the west coast has been crowded for years. It doesn't help that almost all spots have to be reserved months or weeks in advance. No spontaneous "lets go camping this weekend". Used to be you could go camping to get away from folks. Not anymore.

  3. It was great to visit with you two again. Thank you for making the time. We really enjoyed it! And seeing Chris again was a real treat.

    1. If it works with your schedule we'd love to see you two again before you head home. I know your schedule is a little crazy now, but at least you are back on the road.

  4. I'm worn out just reading about your weekend adventures! The weather looked great and the company is always nice.

    1. Lack of sleep seems to be a theme. But the weather (other than a hike in Portland in a torrential downpour/hailstorm) and company was nice.

  5. It looks like the weather has finally come right - it'll be great to see some more pics of you out and about on the new bike with SB!

    1. Finally the rains have stopped, but now allergy season has arrived. I'll be sneezing and snarfing until about July 4th when they cut the grass fields. They grown fields of grass and let them go to seed to harvest the seed and the clouds of yellow pollen hovering over the fields are the worst. Well that and the cottonwood floating in the breeze making it look like summer snow. :-)

  6. So many good things happened in such short time... life is treating you well, eh?

    As much as I enjoy my current surroundings, the Black Forest, the Swiss Alps or our recent short trip to Italy, I always feel kinda homesick when you post pictures from the wild we(s)t coast.

    1. May was a busy month for us. Life is pretty good, can't really complain. Well I am sure I could, but why would I?

      I think we are all a little jealous at your current surrounding. Maybe we all think the grass is greener where the other bloggers live.

  7. Wonderful photos and such a pleasant updates. So nice to schmooze with fellow bloggers.

    I look forward to seeing the Scooter Bob/covered bridges photos!

    1. Thank you. It is always good to get together with other bloggers. Let us know next time you are headed to your friend's in Dallas, OR and we'll plan a get together.

  8. Great post! And such variety. It was fun seeing y'all with Scooter Bob. I'm sorry you got stuck in traffic, but don't you just
    LOVE Whidbey Island?

    1. We didn't really have a chance to explore Whitbey Island. We drove over Deception Pass to Oak Harbor and played at the park and drove back. It would be good to go back and explore for a few days as I've heard good things about it.

  9. My iPad froze in the middle of my previous comment. Secretly, I'm hoping Whidbey is where we live after we retire. I love the views from there. And the rocky beaches near Anacortes and Deception Pass

    1. I feel your pain, I have an old iPad2 that crashes about every 2-5 minutes. Sigh, one of these days I'll replace it.

      Retirement? What is that? :-)

  10. Yet again, some really gorgeous photos!

  11. Great photos and what fun getting together! We can't wait to get to the PNW, uh, someday! 😁

    1. Thanks Lynne. I do hope you get to the PNW one day, would be great to meet up and we have such pretty scenery too.

  12. When we get, count on a meet up for sure! 😊