Sunday, April 26, 2009

Riding Gear #2 - Gloves

This post is the second in my series on riding gear. I shall discuss my long search for comfortable riding gloves that fit well.

First I should say that my hands are fairly small. They are not big around and I can touch my thumb and pinky around my wrist. My fingers are quite long though, which sometimes poses a challenge when trying to find gloves small enough but yet have long enough fingers.

I have a pair of deerskin gloves we found at a booth at Rhody Days in Florence about 6 or more years ago. I also have a pair of ski gloves bought about 4 years ago in a hurry one cold February morning when we decided the sun looked too good not to ride. (Never did make it to the coast that day - brrr) Neither pair fits particularly well. The deerskin gloves are small enough around but the fingers are too short and the wrist elastic doesn't quite make it to my wrist, but sits at least 1/2" up my palm. they have a bit of a gauntlet to them so my wrist is covered. The ski gloves are a little on the large size both around and in finger length. I still have both pairs and might have to revert to the deerskin pair if I don't find a good summer pair before the warm weather hits.

Finally a month or so ago while at Discount Motorcycle Parts in Eugene (Do you see a trend in our favorite accessory shop?) I started trying on several pairs of gloves while Troubadour was wandering around shopping. I was in the ladies glove section trying on this and that, different brands, types, and styles. I was looking for something to keep my hands warm while riding pillion, but would be flexible enough for riding my own bike too. I tried ladies smalls, mediums, large. I felt like the three bears, too tight, too loose, etc. Was looking for just right.

In my search I moved too far to the left and ended up in the mens glove section. I spotted a pair of Fieldsheer Aqua Sport gloves. Nice gel padding, cool reflective piping. Velcro adjustments on the wrist and gauntlet. They looked sharp. I had seen the same thing in ladies and tried them on as I really liked the look and style, but they didn't fit quite right. I figured what the heck I'd try on the mens. I tried on a small and lo and behold they fit perfect.

Wow, I thought, these are comfortable. You know how you put on that pair and you just know they are the ones. I went back to ladies and compared the difference. Yeppers the mens fit better. I couldn' beleive that with my small hands the mens fit better. Maybe they are mad with longer fingers.  I bought that pair and have worn them each and every time we've been out of the bike since. The tips of my fingers can still get a little chilly, but the gloves aren't going to help my poor circulation.

Any ladies out there having trouble finding gender specific gloves I urge you to come to the dark side and try on the mens. You won't be sorry.

-Au Revoir

"Safety doesn't happen by accident." ~Author Unknown

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