Friday, April 17, 2009

Riding Gear

The title above brings to mind images of helmets, boots, jackets, gloves, pants, rain gear; the list goes on. 

I figured I would write a series of posts regarding the trouble I’ve had finding suitable (and by suitable I mean comfortable and appropriate) riding gear over the last seven or so years. I don’t know if my trouble stems from being a women and trying to stay with gear specifically labeled for women or just my height, size, and proportions in general. I am just shy of 5’8” with most of my height being in leg length as I have a short torso. My arms are quite long as well. 

I think part of my problem is that I hate to shop. I just don't like shopping and I get quite frustrated after trying multiple items on in different sizes and finding they don't fit right. I give up and then don't try again for a while. And let me tell you, bad words are usually said.

This, my first post regarding riding gear, shall be about my search for a suitable jacket.

I used to have a leather jacket that I found at Bob Lanphere's that worked great. At the time I purchased a leather jacket rather than textile, as I could not find a textile jacket with sleeves long enough and I tried several different brands (Joe Rocket, Fieldsheer, Cortech, etc) prior to settling on the leather. The leather jacket suited me well for several years. I then lost a few pounds and it didn't fit right anymore, although I did continue to use it for several years.

Last year, I finally found a textile jacket that fit. A Cortech LRX Series 2 I found at Discount Motorcycle Parts in Eugene. 

I don't know if I waited long enough that they sized their new models slightly different or why all of a sudden I found one that fit. I really enjoy the jacket and it has served me well. It fits, keeps the rain from getting me soaked. Has a zip out liner and several vents for cooling in the summer. And I do appreciate the reflective piping all around.  It only took 6 or so years to find, but I am glad I did. I wear it each and every time Troubadour and I are out on the bike.

In fact it is supposed to be in the 70's here tomorrow so it is a good excuse to wear it on the ride to the coast that is being organized over at the Pacific Northwest Riders Forum, aka PNW Riders.

Stay tuned for a future follow up post on my search for gloves that actually fit.

-Au Revoir

"Catching a yellow-jacket in your shirt at seventy miles per hour can double your vocabulary." ~Author Unknown    
[ That is why I wear ATGATT]

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