Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Ride to the Coast

Yesterday was a nice sunny day in the Willamette Valley so a group of us headed out at 10:30 am from a local coffee shop to meander our way to the Oregon Coast. There were six of us on five bikes. There was a Kawasaki Concours, Suzuki V-Strom, a Ducati, Harley Nightster, and of course Troubadour and I were on his Triumph America.

Took the backroads to Waldport, South to Yachats and stopped at the Luna Sea Fish House for lunch. It wasn't great food but the owner and staff were friendly and put tables together accomodate us.

After a relaxing lunch we headed south towards Florence stopping to jaunt up to the Cape Perpetua lookout. Troubadour and I hadn't been up to the lookout before so it was intersting for us. Yes, the Pacific Ocean is still there and I was able to take the following pictures as proof.

After leaving the lookout one rider headed back North as he needed to get home so four bikes headed South to Florence. Stopped for a quick refueling and East to Eugene we went. The BMW Motorcycle shop was having their Spring open house and we wanted to catch it. Another rider decided he too needed to get home so he turned off at a backroad at Veneta. The last three bikes made it to Eugene by 4:00. Just as the shop was wrapping things up. We did get to wander around and look at all the pretty new bikes and gear though.

Headed back out a little East and then North catching all the backroads and avoiding as much highway as we could on the way home. Managed to get home around 6 pm. Too tired to cook so we ordered pizza delivered from the best place in town: American Dream Pizza. All in all a good day and no one got hurt.

Ride safe
-Au Revoir

"The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome." ~ Author Unknown


  1. Beautiful pictures of home. I was born in Eugene. Yes I miss the GREEN!

    Ride on,

  2. Thanks Torch. It really is green now. Been raining for a few days. You know how that is. Spring in Oregon.