Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little more of this and that

Seems I haven't had a lot of time for blogging and writing posts lately. Not too sure what we have been up to. Yes, work is still crazy but mellowing out as the boss is back on his feet (so to speak).

Let's see. For Labor Day weekend we did a few things. I know I made a pie on the Friday. That was yummy. I don't bake often though. With just the two of us we end up eating it all, but we don't really need it.

On the Saturday we went to morning coffee, then headed to Portland for the All British Field Meet that is held at the Portland International Raceway (PIR) every year. On the way we stopped in Salem at the Royal Enfield/Ural dealer. Looked at a few, sat on a few. They were kind of a cool old school looking bike, but I don't think we'd actually purchase one. Was good to look though. We were running late and north towards Portland we went. We managed to get to PIR about 3:30. By that time the rain had cleared up and it was nice and sunny. This year they were saluting Healeys. We wandered around looking at all the cars and such, not many motorcycles there, fewer than last year. Finished off the afternoon with an iced vanilla latte and watched a few of the races.

Here are a few pictures we took in no particular order. Kind of a mix and match of British vehicles.

Complete with the 1954 Austin-Healey Bonneville Land Speed Record car:

We had a great day and got home late. I honestly can't remember what we did on Sunday. I believe we had a 'stay at home and watch crap on TV' day because of the rain then headed out on Labor Day for a motorcycle ride. I found out later my brother and his fiance got married on Monday. So congratulations to Tiger and Tanisha. Here is a picture of the happy couple....

Last week turned out to be slightly chaotic. My boss tried to come back to work a little earlier than he should last Wednesday and overdid it, which meant scrambling around and cancelling things for Thursday and Friday. I did score another Friday off which was nice.

Saturday Troubadour went to morning coffee then we went for a motorcycle ride to the coast for chowder with a buddy in the afternoon. Was a nice relaxing ride at a good pace. Didn't manage to get any photos though.

Sunday was also a good day. Started out overcast and a little cooler so I made us some tasty homemade vegan blueberry muffins for breakfast and we decided to putter in the yard. Started off cleaning up debris from under our sequoia tree out back, then limbed it up, then cleaned up that mess. Then moved a canvas and metal gazebo from by the patio door to underneath the sequoia. Looks nice down there. If that wasn't enough we decided to tackle the brick patio that was here when we moved in 3 years ago. It is 11' x 11' but isn't in a great spot. We want to build a 16' x 12' wooden deck off our french doors and the brick patio was partly in the way. So..... we took every brick up by hand, cleaned off every brick one at a time then stacked them on a pallet for future use. They will make a nice base for a hot tub one day. That about did us in. We are still a little stiff and sore.

And now it is back to work but we are looking forward to this weekend as it is the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire. Yes, they really have jousting. This is a picture from a past year. We are hoping to get a lot of pictures to share.

-Au Revoir

"Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead." ~ Scottish Proverb


  1. Trobairitz:

    You've been very busy enjoying the last remnants of summer. Congrats to your brother but I am a little surprised that you weren't invited to attend their wedding and found out later, after all, it was a long holiday weekend on both sides of the border.
    I used to attend a lot of car shows, but I am fizzled out now having sold my muscle car a few years ago. I think I'd rather be riding . . . speaking of which, how is the bike situation going along ? No Bonnie Yet ?

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. My brother lives here in Oregon just a few hours away. To his credit he did call Saturday to invite us but when he found out we had plans on Monday never did ask because he didn't want us to change our plans. Silly man. We were clueless until a little later in the week. Troubadour and I eloped when we got married 13 years ago so it doesn't bother me not to have been there. Kudos to them for getting hitched.

    No movement on the bike front. Ninja is still on consignment in Eugene. I am hoping this nice weather wil help. We are supposed to be in the 90's next week. We'll see. We are being frugal and don't want to purchase another wthout selling this one first. We may have to wait until spring but that will just make me more eager to ride.

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