Friday, September 4, 2009

P is for Peach

What does one do when they have extra time because they scored a Friday off? You bake a nice deep dish peach pie from scratch for your hubby, that's what. Have I mentioned that he is spoiled?

I went to a local orchard on Wednesday morning and picked up 15 lbs of fresh peaches. Unfortunately they are not as good or as large as the ones I grew up with in the Okanagan Valley. I grew up in Keremeos (the fruit stand capital of Canada) then moved to Penticton, also known as the Peach City, which has a Peachtree Mall and a Peach Festival. A few miles down the road is Peachland. I know peaches. Well, at least these taste like real peaches and are nice and juicy not like the store bought ones.

I was pondering what I should make with some of them when Troubadour piped up with "peach pie?" He looked so hopeful that I couldn't resist making him one this morning. Will be a nice treat for him after dinner. I even tossed in a few blueberries for good measure. Then I had to email him a picture of it at work just to tease him until he gets home.

My great grandfather (Gran's dad) was a baker and I believe at one time, back in the day, he owned a bakery in Grants Pass, Oregon so we have an awesome old style flaky pie crust recipe that everyone in the family uses. My mom used to own a little cafe in Keremeos when I was in school and she used to get up at the butt crack of dawn to make all of the pies from scratch. People would come from all over to sample them. She always made the best pies. Must have got it from Gran. I think it is in our genes.

Once you master the dough you must go for presentation and I like to make decorative leaves out of leftover dough to put on the top crust when baking.

Mmmm peachy.......

-Au Revoir

"Family life is a bit like a runny peach pie - not perfect but who's complaining?" ~ Robert Brault

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