Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Evergreen Aviation Museum....Part Deux

To continue the adventures in roaming around the aviation museum I bring you the following.......

A 1945 Goodyear FG-1D Corsair

It was comprised of one Pratt & Whitney R-2800 - 2,000 horsepower engine....

The literature claims it's typical armament was four .50 caliber machine guns and had a 2,000 pound bomb load.

The following is a Boeing B-17E. For a fee the museum will let you get on the plane. Our friend Gil paid the fee and was a happy camper - big grin. Troubadour and I opted to just take pictures.

I was amazed at the number of gun turrets....

In looking at all of the old war planes and some of the gear on display that was worn by the fighter pilots and such it makes me realize how easy our generation really had/has it.

Behold a 1944 Lockheed P-38L Lightning....

Powered by two Allison V-1710, 1,475 horsepower engines.

It had a cruising speed of 290 mph and a top speed of 414 mph at 25,000 feet.

"With four .50 caliber machine guns and a 20 mm cannon nestled in it's nose, the P-38 had enough firepower to sink a ship. And, sometimes it did."

And now a 1928 Ford AT-B Tri Motor nicknamed the "Tin Goose"......

Approximately 200 Ford 4-AT and 5-ATs were built. The AT stands for 'air transport'.

Powered by three Pratt & Whitney R-985, 450 horsepower engines capable of 142 miles per hour....

The early days of airline travel saw the luggage stowed in the wings....

Some flyers claimed that the airplane was so cold it should have been called the "Flying Icebox."

And we complain about the room and seats in airplanes today.

Here are some random shots to round out the post of the aviation building of the museum....

Next up.... the Space Museum building where you will see all kinds of space junk as well as some jets, drones and proof positive that the Air Force and/or plane developers have a sense of humor.

-Au Revoir

"How strange is this combination of proximity and separation. That ground - seconds away - thousands of miles away." ~ Charles A. Lindbergh


  1. YOu guys have the best musumes!!! I so want to visit now.

  2. Great pictures! Now I wish I had stopped there the last time I was near by. Oh well there's always going to be another trip to Oregon.

    Thirty years ago, we were doing work on a bombing range east of Barstow (Pisgah Crater) and we were "buzzed" by a P-38 numerous times. They flew low enough to see the smile on the pilots face. We were supposed to be off of the bombing range by 9:00am and it was around 10:00. They are a really cool looking plane.

    Thank you for the tour!


  3. Trobairitz:

    we don't have any air museums here. The closest is the one in Boeing Field just south of Seattle, or the limited access one in Everett where we were invited many years ago.

    It's amazing how detailed your descriptions are, you have a good memory. I love planes. The Evergreen Museum looks like a good place to stop. As I look at that gun turret where you enter from the outside I wonder "what if you needed to use the washroom"

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Now this is really unfair Trobairitz!!! Like Raftnn (Roger), I want to come over NOW!!!! You have an incredible range of aircraft. As a matter of interest, the NZ Warbirds have a flying Corsair and our next door neighbour's dad flew one in the WW2 Pacific Campaign, supporting the American advance.

    Dribble, drool........

  5. My favorite Air Plane of all time is the Corsair. As a child I grew up watching reruns of the show Black Sheep Squadron staring Robert Conrad. The real star of the show was the Corsair's which they flew in every episode. Great show for a great plane.

  6. @ Geoff & Roger. Sorry to be teasing you - Just trying to make it easier on you when deciding whether or not to plan a trip across the pond.

    @Rob - My brother is a big fan of Black Sheep Squadron and has always loved Corsairs. Now I know why - thanks for putting those two together for me.

    @Bobskoot - Not a great memory but I was smart enough to take some pictures of their display explanations and literature for later reference. Wish I had of done that to all of the planes, but only thought of it part way through.

    @Richard - It would be pretty cool to be buzzed by a P-38. Well if it was friendly it would be. And the museum will be there the next time you are down this way. Let us know the next time you are in town and we'll try and get together for pizza or something.

  7. My favorites: The Corsair and the Lightning. Wow!! Gorgeous lines on those planes.

    And always have to giggle at the "amenities" on the first passenger planes. Like the curtains on the "Tin Goose". :)