Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Kilty Man Cometh....

So by now people know that Troubadour wears a kilt. He prefers to wear one any chance he gets. Some days he will be adventurous and wear one to work, although a difficult feat when he rides his Triumph to work every day. More often than not he wears one at home whether lounging around or mowing the lawn. He does have Scottish heritage on both sides of his family and is descended from the Clan McLaren. His coworkers husband, Gary, makes kilts. He markets them under the name Celtic Warrior Kilts. Gary always stops by to see everyone and every time he has a kilt on. That prompted him to buy his first kilt from Gary. Here are two pictures of him in that kilt from one of our hiking adventures up Bald Hill here in Corvallis.

It was so comfortable that he started doing some research on the internet and we went to the Scottish Heritage Festival in Albany earlier this year. The Clan Mclaren was there representing. We talked to them for a bit and bought a short length of McLaren plaid. His research on the net led him to the Sport Kilts website. They make all different kinds of kilts in all different tartans. They have the McLaren plaid and so a new kilt was in order. We did the measuring and research and before we knew it, it arrived in the mail. Here are a few pics of him in the McLaren plaid.

Well we found out that Sport Kilts also makes kilts for the ladies. We are planning to attend a few Scottish Festivals this summer as well as the Portland Highland Games in July so before I knew it I had a kilt on order in the matching plaid. Here are a few obligatory photos taken in our backyard a month or so ago. One sporting the knees socks and heels and one in comfy flats.

It is amazing how many heads are turned just by wearing a kilt. Most of the comments Troubadour receives are positive, but there are those with not so open minds that still call it a skirt. Go figure. Hopefully we'll take lots more photos of our adventures at the festivals this summer and also of the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire in September.

-Au Revoir

"A man in a kilt is a man and a half." - Author Unknown

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  1. I have seen some of the games Scottish play. With that said I would NEVER pick on a man wearing a kilt for fear of my friends laughing at me because I got my but kicked by a man wearing a 'skirt'. ;) You know if someone gave him too much trouble he could always whack them with that walking stick.