Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mystery Tour Continued.......

If you haven't checked out my earlier post from today please scroll down and do so, or this one isn't going to make any sense.

The continuing story of our travels to California....starting part way through the Trees of Mystery.

Troubadour remembered the Trees of Mystery from travelling when he was a kid but I don't think I'd ever been there before. A few trees were hugged and we took the sky tram to the top. There we found a nice overlook and an almost 360˚ view of the ocean and neighboring ridges.

Then we took the sky tram back down.....

If we weren't wearing our motorcycle boots we would have hiked down instead of taking the tram. It is quite steep but I think we could do it. We got off the tram at the bottom and went back on the trail. We hugged more trees and took more pictures.....

The last picture is of a fallen tree trunk at the entrance/exit and it is more than a thousand years old. Here is a pic showing the timeline of it's growth......

After exiting the trails we toured the gift shop and museum. Went out to the bike to get geared up. Had a quick snack of bananas and an Odwalla Bar and headed further south to Eureka.

Now, we were not enamoured of Crescent City but to us Eureka was worse. The Victorian Old town they advertise smelled so bad. The stench was horrible. I know that seaports with fishing industries can be smelly, we go to Newport all the time and their old town is like that, but it isn't too bad. I now know how Eureka got it's name: "Eureka this place smells bad!"

After an disappointing visit to the visitor's information center and chamber we decided to go back North towards Crescent City. Stopped at a Starbucks there and contemplated staying another night as planned or just heading home. We decided to take highway 199 to Grants Pass, Oregon as we had heard it was a great motorcycle road. Off we went thinking we'd reevaluate in Grants Pass (Grass Pants as some of us call it). We stopped at a little mexican restaurant for dinner to warm up. It had rained a little on us on the way, but not too bad. After dinner we decided we would just book it for home as fast as we could up I-5. Our own comfy bed was calling our name and we had had enough.

We left Grants Pass at about 8 pm and headed the 180 miles home. Made a stop at a rest area about 80 miles up to change face shields. Troubadour had been using a light smoke one and I had on a clear. We were chasing the darkness and he needed to be able to see. Off we went again headed North in an all fire hurry to get home. One more stop in Springfield for fuel and a quick rest and stretch of the legs. At this point we were about 43 miles from home and could almost hear our polar fleece sheets calling our name.

We made it home by just after 11 and a big thank you to Troubadour for getting us here safely. Basil cat was happy to see us too. He was so happy he decided to needed to sleep between our pillows when we headed to bed. Good thing it is a king size.

We were tired enough that Thursday we didn't even get out of our pj's until noon. A good time was had even with the disappointments and sore buttocks. When we uploaded the pictures the next morning we discovered that we didn't take a single picture after we left the Trees of Mystery. That in itself says a lot. We are glad that we took the adventure and will have lots of memories, some good, some not so good, but those are the ones you look back on and laugh.

- Au Revoir

"I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake. The great affair is to move." ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


  1. What a wonderful post...all that tree hugging is getting to me...I would've been afraid to take the sky tram...but sounds like you had fun...I can appreciate Basil the Cat was happy to see you left him home alone...!

  2. Baron - we did have fun. Maybe we inspired a few people to hug some trees of their own.