Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Moose is Loose

Hooray, another farkle arrived for Max. Not only do we have the grip heaters, the frame sliders and the IXIL slip on exhaust installed, but the hand guards were delivered yesterday. After looking online we opted for the V-Strom hand guards. I'd seen them on another Gladius on one of the forums and didn't mind the look.

Last night after dinner we did the install. First up a picture of the left and right side the way they were....

I apologize for the background in the pictures. When you have 3 motorcycles crammed in a one car garage with 4 bicycles, the washer and dryer, a work bench, and a shelving unit space is limited.

I did assist with the project, but Troubadour did the bulk of the work. I was mainly there for support. Hand me that wrench, hold that nut, I need a washer, get out of the way...... you know how it is.

We started with the left side.

Then the right.

A short time later and we were done. The project from start to finish took less than an hour.


And after.....

Might have to nickname the bike "Moose" while the hand guards are on. In some strange way I think it suits it. Must be the black instrument cluster cover that completes the look.

I've never had a bike with hand guards before. I am looking forward to riding to coffee Saturday morning and arriving with warm hands. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll either be able to go for a ride after coffee or even on Sunday. Maybe a chowder run is in order. Will try and get better pics of it on the weekend.

One more farkle on the way....a fenda extenda from Pyramid in the UK has been ordered for the front fender. It has shipped and we are just waiting for delivery.

-Au Revoir

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." ~ Confucius, Analects


  1. I like the look. I bet you'll enjoy having them.

  2. Trobairitz:

    having the heaters with handguard makes a big difference. You can now wear thinner gloves.

    Now I know where to get a replacement, if I need one. I stuck reflective tape on the front for better night visibility

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Bob's right. I ride all year round with summer gloves thanks to handguards and grip heaters. You will thoroughly enjoy this.
    And well, yes... it looks a bit like a moose - LOL

  4. That's a fine-looking bike Trobairitz. I'm sorely tempted by an Ixil exhaust too - a friend has one on his Honda Predator. Nice hand guards too, I'm considering some for this winter as I don't have heated grips on the Striple.

    Have you got 3M clear anti-scuff on your tank?

  5. Yes, with the instrument cluster it really does kind of look like a moose.

  6. lol - Max the Moose.
    Could always go with Bullwinkle. ;) j/k
    I like the V-Strom handguards. They look like they have good coverage and despite the teasing they look good on Max. Grips + guards...your hands will thank you.

  7. Thanks everyone. Haven't had a chance to try them out yet. I am hoping the forecast is correct and tomorrow will be sunny. Heck, I don't need sunny, just need the rains to stop.

    @Geoff - no 3m anti-scuff stuff on the tank. I think it just looks shiny from the fluorescent lights in the garage

    @Bluekat - I too thought of Bullwinkle, but it didn't have the nice ring to it like Max does.

    Pyramid Fenda Extenda came in the mail yesterday too so we'll get that on soon.

  8. Very nice! I like how they look on the bike. Then again...mine wears GS handguards. Like Sonja, I wear summer gloves down into the low 30's. Hope you were able to get out and test them!