Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Relax Max

We didn't manage to get our Versa back from the shop on Thursday as planned. Turns out it wasn't just the Body Control Module (BCM), but the fuel pump as well. The bad BCM was preventing the diagnostic equipment to diagnose the bad fuel pump. You know.... what we thought the problem was all along. The dealer managed to get a part overnighted to them and replaced the fuel pump Friday morning. The car started. They put the old BCM unit in to see if the car would start. No luck. They then had to reinstall the new BCM to get us race ready.

Fortunately they replaced the fuel pump under the drive train warranty. Not so much the BCM. At least it was under $500 for the fix. I was able to pick it up mid afternoon on Friday. Was nice to have the car back again. Much easier for running errands.

On Friday Troubadour received a phone call from the Suzuki dealer that the rectifier had not come in for the Gladius. Sad Panda.

Saturday we were set to take Troubadour's Tiger to Eddy to have the rack made. We had made prior arrangements to borrow a truck thinking we'd drop off the Tiger and bring home the Gladius without having to ride in different vehicles. It was also scheduled to rain. With the Gladius not being ready and waking up to sunshine Troubadour decided to ride the Tiger to Vancouver.

While dropping off the Tiger and visiting with Eddy and his wonderful wife and kids, Troubadour received a call from the Suzuki dealer. The parts came in early Saturday morning and we could pick up the Gladius in Beaverton about 3:00 pm. Hooray. An unexpected surprise. But wait, we didn't even take the camera with us as we weren't expecting to pick it up.

We left Eddy's and drove around a few car lots. We have been debating about whether or not to trade our car in for something more versatile than a little economy car. It would be nice to have something to tow with or that would haul a bit more. Nothing impressed us and so we headed to Beaverton.

Stopped at a Triumph shop for fun (where someone might have found himself a new Triumph jacket) and then on to Suzuki. We picked up the bike without any problems. Also bought some grip heaters while we were waiting. We were a little disappointed that the bike was back on the showroom floor exactly where it was after we put our deposit down on it two weeks ago which leads me to believe the salesman never did take it off the floor and put it in the warehouse liked he promised. And, it didn't even have a "I'm sold, please don't sit on me" sign on it.

Aside from that they did fill it up with petrol and checked the tire pressure. Luckily Troubadour had his riding gear from his morning ride. We didn't leave Beaverton until after 5 pm and took the long way home on Hwy 99W to vary the speed and help break in the motor, I-5 would have been easier but at a steady 65 mph not as good for the new bike. We made it home by just after 7 pm and I put a nice big pot of coffee on. The temperatures had dropped as soon as the sun went down and it didn't have heated grips installed yet. I felt so bad for Troubadour and his chilly fingers.

While driving behind Troubadour for that two hours I had a lot of time to think. I was thinking of the rides I'd had on the TU and the great rides to come on the Gladius. Because I plan on keeping the Gladius for a long time, I started to think of actually naming it.

Naming a bike or a car for that matter is an oddity for me. I've never done it and didn't really know why people do it. I figured why not, I might give it a shot. If nothing else it gives me a way to distinguish between bikes when writing the amount for petrol in the checkbook.

So I stared thinking. Gladius..... a sword used by the gladiators. Then I started wondering the name of a famous gladiator. Couldn't think of any. Then I started thinking of the movie Gladiator staring Russell Crowe. Not a huge fan of his but I did enjoy the movie. For some reason I thought his name was Maximilian in the movie. I thought Max would be a good name for the Gladius.

When I got home I looked it upon the computer. Turns out the name of his character was Maximus. Well that suits it even more. It shall be a Gladius Maximus. Not to be confused with gluteus maximus. Works with my sense of humor, but I think I'll just call it Max for short.

We managed to get the frame sliders installed on Sunday. We also removed the obnoxious orange and white warning sticker that was on the fuel tank.

Haven't installed the grips yet as we are waiting for the switch mounting hardware to arrive. Fingers are crossed for tomorrow.

Troubadour has been riding it to work since he is missing his Tiger. He reports that it is much more nimble to ride than the Ninja and that it isn't as bulky either. I am hoping to take my maiden voyage on it to coffee on Saturday and to take some photos of it in it's natural habitat if the weather cooperates. Ride report and first impressions to follow.

- Au Revoir

"My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." - Russell Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator


  1. So exciting when you get to bring them home. I must admit I like the name very appropiate. I bet you are just hanging out to get out on your first ride.

  2. YYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (squeals of excitement)!!!

    I am terribly sorry that you did not get to ride him home. But what's this about Troubadour riding him to work?? :( I hope you are in the garage in the evenings telling Maximus not to get to used to this heavy-handed person...cuz he ain't touching him for long!!! :)

    (Like you, I can't get into naming my vehicles either. )

    I eagerly wait for your first ride report and bonding with Maximus!!

    (Love the Gladius Maximus/Gluteus Maximus clarification. Gave me a good chuckle. Just rolls so well off of the tongue.)


  3. PS. Love the colors. So bright and clean. And the blue frame peaking through is great.


  4. The blue frame really makes it stand out and it looks really good as does your new header. I second the comment about Troubadour riding the new bike to work. You could have given him a ride...


  5. Trobairitz:

    WHAT !! Tell Troubadour to walk to work !

    It really is a nice looking bike, now you won't have to worry about riding in the mountains. Time to take a riding holiday somewhere.

    . . . a pocket camera belongs in your pocket. Not to be left at home.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Yay! I was afraid you didn't get to pick up the bike as expected. Shame on you for not tellin' sooner! :)

    Obviously I'm in the naming group. Gladius Maximus is perfect. Definitely, I see a Max when I look at the pic. He's beautiful, btw! Can't wait for the ride report!

    Congrats on the new bike - ya done good!

  7. Congrats on the new bike, nice ride.

  8. Very cool. As I was reading that you named him "Max", Gladius Maximus popped into my head. You must be a very generous soul to let someone else ride your brand-new bike first. One more thought on the name thing... when you are really feeling like a bad-ass, you can call it Glad Max. Sounds very Road Warrior-like. :-)

    AND you can have a theme song:

  9. Crap, the theme song link didn't show as a link in my comment. Let's try again: Glad Max Theme Song.

    If that one doesn't work, y'all will just have to copy and paste.

  10. Yay! and double yay!!

    Great name.

    Great looking bike.

    Just Great! No, double great!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the maiden voyage.


  11. Ave! Gladi(at)us Maximus. Welcome home and save travels.