Sunday, March 20, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hooray, today is the first day of Spring. I decided to wander around the yard this morning while it wasn't raining and take a few pictures of the signs of Spring that are emerging.

The Camellia Japonica (Magnoliaeflora)


Sambucus Black Lace

Magnolia Stellata Rosea Jane Platt (star magnolia)


Bridal Wreath Spirea

Tree Peony

Siberian Windflower

Daffodils (of course)

Muscari (Grape Hyacinth)

Here is one other sign of spring.....

That's right. Troubadour secretly put insurance on the America so that we could sneak out for a ride if weather permitted. With the TU sold, the Tiger at Eddy's getting her new rack and no insurance on the America we were down to just the Gladius. It was a nice surprise to take it out, as I didn't expect to until the Tiger comes home. He knew I didn't want an audience or a group ride for my first venture out on Max so he kept it on the down low. He's so good to me.

Luckily the sun decided to shine some yesterday and we got out for a quick ride. So far I am loving it. I did have to pull over about 2 block from the house so Troubadour could adjust the shift lever for me. I couldn't get my toe under it to shift up. That fixed we headed out.

I did notice that the seat trys to slide you forward into the gas tank a bit. I fixed that by pushing back a little further on the seat and it was comfy. Round trip was probably under 20 miles but with no heated grips and the rains chasing us we were satisfied with a quick ride.

It was nice to stop for a few photos.

And then we remembered we had a self-timer on the camera

Luckily there was a metal pipe in the ground at the right height. Might have to invest in one of the gorilla tripods that SonjaM has been sporting.

Sure was nice to have power at the ready so I didn't have to shift down and get a run at the hills. Bike seems really easy to ride and stable in the corners. Looking forward to getting out and riding it again, hopefully when it is a few degrees warmer. I am such a cold weather wussie.

- Au Revoir

"Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!
~Thomas Blackburn, "An Easter Hymn"


  1. Pretty flowers ... but enough of that.
    Yay - you got to ride the Gladius!!
    That is a very big smile on your face. :D

    My wish for you is that Max will be a wonderful bike for you. It's so nice to have a bike that simply feels right!

  2. Trobairitz:

    Yesterday was very Spring-like too. There was warmth in the sunshine, but not in the shadows.

    I can see you are enjoying riding to the MAX now that you have enough power for the hills and mountains.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Lovely flowers...but I liked seeing the Gladius a little more. :)

    You look great on that bike! It seems like a great fit with a good riding position...when you aren't leaned over in sport bike mode. LOL.

    Hope the weather warms up soon so you can take it on your favorite hilly, twisty loop!


  4. Hello, there. Max looks good (you guys too, of course). With the heated grips installed you and the bike will soon be inseparable.

  5. Notice how I hid the bike pics at the end of the flower pics, trying to see who is scrolling all the way through. Pretty sly yeah?

    @ Bluekat - Thanks for the well wishes, so far I am enjoying the bike. Can't wait to get out on it again.

    @ Bobskoot - I know it is just spring but I'm wishing for summer. I can only hope to ride the bike to the Max! Good play on words there. You are witty good sir.

    @BeemerGirl - the bike seems a good fit. Flat footing is always nice. Same seat height as the TU. The seat angle is a little odd to get used to but sliding my rump further back on the seat helps. I have a boney arse so I may need a seat cushion for long rides.

    @Sonja - Thanks for taking time out of your vacation to stop by, but shouldn't you be out on the beach soaking up some sun? Heated grips are on, now to find some time to ride again.


  6. Wonderful color. I love spring! I love riding... put them together and life just don't get better.

  7. Trobairitz:

    see this thread, look at the photo on post #16

    It looks great with the little silver piece removed.

    Riding the Wet Coast