Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just sad

You know you have it bad when you go to the store to buy toothbrushes and you come home with ones that match your motorcycles?

As I was doing my weekly shopping on Friday I knew we needed toothbrushes. Looking at the choices I tried to determine which color to buy for each of us.

I picked up an orange for Troubadour since that is what color he had been using (received from the dentist last visit). I knew I didn't want another yellow liked I'd received last time. Then I spotted a nice blue and white one and I thought "why not?"

So now we have toothbrushes color coded to our bikes. It does make it easy to tell which one is his and which one is mine. Sad isn't it?

- Au Revoir

" Madness takes its toll. Please have exact change." ~ Author Unknown


  1. Ha ha, I'm the same, I love Ferrari and obviously I buy red stuff, my toothbrush is "usually" red but on the last one, my wife bought it (I wasn't there) and it's orange, I'm not thrilled ;-)
    Love you bike, the white with the light blue frame is beautiful :-)

  2. It may have been a short blog, but it made me laugh, and that is just what I needed today...I have a red tooth brush and my bike is....ummmm...RED!

  3. Well - at least you didnt buy your bikes to match your toothbrushes! FWIW the blue one looks faster. :)

    One of my good friends says my bike is the color of pee. Thankfully that color is nowhere near my toothbrush (-which is pink).

  4. Yes, sad . . . but very funny.

    My bike is black and white. My toothbrush is Green. Does this mean I have to buy another bike?


  5. Or, maybe it means I have somehow ended up with Kari's toothbrush!

  6. Darn, I need a new bike! Mine is green...

  7. lolol! That's funny!!
    I had to go check...Ron's is blue (as is his bike). He is steadfastly denying any part of matching anything!
    Mine is pink (whew!).

    @Keith can keep it! :)

    You too!! Now I know why I got stuck with pink...all the greens were taken!

  8. Trobairitz:

    I'll have to pay more attention to colours. I usually get the pink or red ones. Next time I'll try to find Black

    Riding the Wet Coast

  9. I thought this topic might get the humor and comments flowing.

    @George - thanks for the comment on the bike. I have tweaked my header pic with iPhoto so it is washed out. The bike frame is actually quite a bright blue.

    @Raftnn - Glad we aren't the only ones with a toothbrush to match our bikes.

    @Fuzzy - we have a joke in our group of friends that blue bikes are slower. We have a friend with an R1 who is crazy fast so the joke was that he is slow because of his blue bike.

    @CircleBlue - maybe you need a black and green bike, maybe a KLR

    @Sonja - time for a new toothbrush, I am sure you can find a yellow one

    @Blukat - so are you going to look for a green toothbrush next time? And did Ron buy the blue toothbrush? If you bought it we can let him off the hook.

    @Bobskoot - pink is great - it'll match your crocs!!

    Thanks everyone for playing along and making me chuckle.

  10. Blue. Gotta buy blue. Always have to have a blue toothbrush.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  11. Quite humorous. I've never thought of matching as my toothbrush would have to be a silvery tan...highly unlikely. Maybe I should just get another bike. :)

  12. Sometimes the simplest posts are the best. This is one of them!

  13. @Brady - At least you know what you want. May you have sunny days and always find a blue toothbrush.

    @BeemerGirl - Can you match a toothbrush to your helmet?

    @Gary - Thank you good sir.