Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mr. Whiskers......

When I was came inside after taking pictures of the fenda extenda last weekend Basil was in his usual spot on the back of the big overstuffed chair. Since I had the camera out I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Funny, he doesn't look amused. Must not have liked that darn flash. Sorry Basil, if you didn't look so darn cute I wouldn't have to take pictures.

- Au Revoir

" There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat." - Wesley Bates


  1. What a dignified and handsome fella! Probably not amused because you forgot the fee of a nice bit of fresh venison. His agent will be in touch....

  2. You could make this a caption pic....what is my cat thinking?
    "Great, my face is going to be plastered all over the net again, carnt a man get some privacy!"

  3. Whenever I use a flash my cat manages to close his eyes. I've never been able to catch him with his eyes open unless I have the flash off. Good job.

  4. He is certainly less than amused. My cat loved attention, and he would pose and make funny faces whenever I took a picture (at least that's what I like to think...).

  5. No. He does not look amused at all. But he is adorable. Did you give him a good scunch and scratch to make up? :)

  6. @Geoff - I still haven't heard from his agent....

    @Raftnn - great idea, next one will be a caption this......

    @Circle Blue - Basil isn't smart enough to close his eyes. Well, either that or I tricked him, first pic I took I didn't use flash, second one - flash.

    @Sonja - I think your cat was posing for you - who wouldn't?

    @Beemergirl - He loves face rubs and ear scratches. We walk by this chair all the time on the way to the dining room, garage or just through the house so he knows if he is on it he gets mauled quite often. If he doesn't want to be bothered he is up on top of a bookcase.