Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Farkle.....I think....

I think we've put the last farkle on Max. Or at least the last farkle for a while.

While in Eugene two weeks ago we ordered some reflective blue wheel tape from Discount Motorcycle Parts. It arrived promptly but we had a hard time trying to find the time to go back down and pick it up. RickRick happened to be in Eugene on Saturday and graciously agreed to make the stop and pick it up for us. Thanks Rick.

Once we saw the kit we were amazed that the color matched the frame and tank of the bike so well. Because it was a special order the color blue was sight unseen until it was delivered. These pics of the pkg and roll of tape were taken after the install so it there isn't much tape left on the roll.

Saturday night we (yes, I mean Troubadour - sorry you don't have a 'we' Bobskoot) decided to apply the tape.

Actually as I was making dinner Troubadour was puttering around in the garage and before I knew it he had the rear wheel on the paddock stand and had one side done already. After dinner. I sat on the bike and rolled the bike forward and back as needed while he applied the tape to the front wheel. (no front stand)

Here are a few pictures:

(Front wheel before)

(Front wheel after)

(with flash to show reflective properties)

I neglected to get a picture of the rear tire before tape. Here is a picture with tape. I made sure to get some of the frame in these shots so you can see the color match.

(no flash)

(with flash)

Will be nice to go out this weekend and get a picture of the whole bike with all of its farkles.

There are a few things I have seen others do on the forums but I don't know if it would be too much blue on Max. For now I shall ponder it and share some pictures of the ideas I like. The following pictures were pilfered from the SV/Gladius forum.

(Ermax seat cowl)

(Rizoma bars and levers)

I have also seen where owners are removing the plastic side covers and exposing the blue frame like a Ducati Monster. No the following picture isn't Max, just someone that has the same hand guards and has added a small fly screen. It does give you an idea of what the bike looks like without the side covers though.

(Side covers removed)

For now I am happy with the way Max looks and have found a nice combination of function with the grip heaters, hand guards, frame sliders, and front fenda extenda and a little bling with the IXIL slip on exhaust, wheel tape and valve stem caps.

I hear rumors of a sunny weekend and even 74˚F for Sunday. We shall see.

- Au Revoir

"There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it." ~ Mark Twain, Notebook, 1898



  1. Bobskoot doesn't have a "we". I have a "we"... we make dinner, we clean the house, we do the laundry and we go grocery shopping. We even balance the checkbook, so we can buy toys and farkles but we know we're appreciated and fortunate we have each other.

  2. I think I like that. I may have to check into that for my FJR.

  3. The 'we' comes in handy all the time, and like Troubadour mentioned it comes in a variety of situations. My 'we' can fix computers and does taxes, too.
    I favour the idea of removing the side covers to make it look like a Duc. The reflective tape makes it look pretty, and safe!
    Now all you need is blue luggage, and you can go on a road trip.

  4. Trobairitz:

    It's nice to have a WE around. I experienced the "we" first hand when WE fixed my chain guard with a zap strap in your driveway. I wished I had another WE around when WE had to cut the grass yesterday.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. There is never a "last" farkle!


  6. I think Trobairitz meant the "last farkle" for April...

    I prefer not to make any comment on the "WE" topic...

  7. Thanks for the education Trobairitz! I'd heard of wheel tape but had no idea what it was *blush*.

    That shot with the flash is really impressive - must do some further reading. Thanks again!

  8. Yes! Love the wheel tape. I've considered it for the Ninja (and I have a 'we'), now you have me inspired. It looks fantastic on Max. Bravo on the nice farkling!

  9. I'm now performing cross-farkelization activities.

    Farkles that went on my 1150GS last year are now being removed and put on Mrs N's 650GS this year.

    Keeps me off the streets....

  10. Wow, that really makes the bike, nice job, and the color looks perfect :-)

  11. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments everyone. It is appreciated.

    I knew the TU was an attention grabber because people hadn't really known they existed and couldn't figure out the year or size of engine. I did not expect the Gladius to attract the attention that it does.

    I too like the way the wheel tape adds something to it. I think Sam would look great with some green wheel tape Bluekat.

    Cross-farkelization Nikos? You just coined a new phrase. Good job.

  12. Yay! I love the reflective tape. You are right, the color is a perfect match! My reflective tape matches my bike AND the rims, so it isn't too noticeable during the day. But watch out at night!

    Yes, the side cover-ectomy has an appeal...