Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Bike a Day For Seven Days

A week or so ago Dar from Princess Scooterpie fame commented on one of my blog posts and said "I wish I had extra cashola, I would have a bike for every day of the week!" This comment got me thinking...... if I was wealthy and could have seven bikes, one for each day of the week, what bikes would I choose.

At first I thought I'd have a hard time coming up with seven, but once I started thinking about it, it was difficult to narrow it down to just seven. Maybe using a fortnight would have been easier.

Here are my seven in no particular order:

1. TRIUMPH TIGER 800. I have yet to test ride one. Based on comfort and how light and balanced it felt when I did sit on it, and Troubadour's huge grin after riding one I'd say it would be at the top of my list, even a list in no particular order. I think it would eat up the forestry roads and be much more comfortable for that type of riding than my Gladius.

(Troubadour's first 'in person' viewing of the Tiger 800)

2. SUZUKI GLADIUS SFV 650. Of course I had to keep this one on the list. A great little v-twin. Light and nimble and easy to ride. Peppy too.

(Max basking in the sun)

3. PIAGGIO MP3 500 et al. Since I first saw these machines in a magazine several years ago they've fascinated me. In comparison to a traditional two-wheeled motorcycle the price seems a little high, but fun factor seems to be way up there too. I think they would be good for lazy days when I want to ride, but having an automatic and built-in storage would be nice.

(Stock interweb photo)

Until I was looking for a stock photo online, I didn't know that you could stoppie an MP3.

(Stock interweb photo)

A Hybrid MP3 would be a great alternative. Perfect for commuting. Love the color scheme.

(Stock interweb photo)

4. DUCATI MONSTER 696. I really debated one of these prior to buying the Gladius, but I was concerned with maintenance costs. The ergonomics are a little sportier too, but I think it would be a hoot to have it in the garage at my beck and call when the twisties are whispering my name.

(Yours truly at the 2010 Seattle International Motorcycle show - bad hair day)

5. HARLEY DAVIDSON XR 1200. One of the only Harley Davidson models in which I truly love the styling. When we were looking at bikes prior to buying the Gladius a salesman in the Portland area told me it would be a great starter bike for me. As a starter, no. I had about 3500 miles on two wheels at that point. Would be neat to have one in the stable now though.

(Troubadour at the 2010 Seattle International Motorcycle show)

6. CAN AM SPYDER. 'nuff said. Sure it costs as much as our Subaru, but the comfort for long distances and the grin factor would be awesome.

(Stock interweb photo)

7. TRIUMPH BONNEVILLE SE 865 cc. A Bonneville was on my short list before I bought the TU 250 and before purchasing the Gladius too. I've test ridden one a short distance and enjoyed it. Now that I have more miles under my belt it would be cool to take one out again. A good thing to have in the garage for when I want an upright, but comfortable ride for just cruising around.

(Stock interweb photo)

Well, that's seven. If I'd gone with fortnight and could add seven more, it would probably be the following (click names for links): 2009 SUZUKI TU 250, 2012 TRIUMPH STREET TRIPLE ACE 675CR SPECIAL, the new 2012 SUZUKI V-STROM 650, 2011 DUCATI DIAVEL, 2001 KAWASAKI W650, 2009 MOTO GUZZI BREVA V750, and a 2011 ZERO S electric motorcycle just to name a few.

I know it is a fairly generic list and not very exciting. No vintage bikes and no stand outs. I am sure if funds were unlimited the list would be longer and there would be some vintage Triumph's on there for sure, among others. Just remember as a woman I can change my mind. This is the list today, but that doesn't mean it will be the list next month or even next week.

So, what are your seven?

* * * * * * *

Where would I house these harbingers of chuckles and grins? If funds were unlimited I would have to say I'd buy a parcel of property in the country 5 to 10 acres or more. On it I would build my dream house. A large garage with modest living quarters above it. The heat from the garage would keep the floor of the house warm and we've always said we need a bigger garage than we do a house.

In searching for a picture to show what I mean I saw these plans online.

(Stock interweb photo)

The garage is just under 700 square feet, but I think I'd make the main level bonus room smaller so that the garage would be larger. The living quarters upstairs are larger than we need and what we are currently in, but I think I could handle it.

What is life without dreaming......... now to win the lottery.......

- Au Revoir

" The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary." ~ Ashleigh Brilliant


  1. Trobairitz:
    Dreaming is good for you - so is winning the lottery :-)

    We totally agree about the #1 choice - it just felt "right" when I sat on one last month and looks great too.

    I've never really had a hankering for cruiser-type machines but that XR1200 looks like it's more than capable of footing it out with the boys on a fast fang, as well as being great for lazy, long hauls - I like it very much.

  2. This is a formidable thread. I will have to think about it and come up with my own list. The Bonnie is for sure in it.

    My hubby is saying all the time: we don't need a house we just need a big garage ;-)

  3. omg, pick 7? hmmm...interesting question to ponder. well i already know i need a bigger garage...

  4. You should mak ethis a blog just never know what migh turn up!

  5. My list may need updating but here it is:

    A Spyder might be fun but no room for a Harley in my shed.

  6. @Geoff - Unfortunately to win the lottery one needs to buy tickets, and I never buy tickets. I am not a fan of the cruiser type bike with feet forward but the XR 1200 is not bad in that regard.

    @Sonja - Hubby sounds like a smart man.

    @mq01 - It is hard to pick 7 and even now I think about changing some.

    @Raftnn - Hmmm a blog challenge you say - that has merit

    @Andrew - That is a pretty good list you have there. I like the categories you have for the different types of bikes.

  7. Trob, if you've not ridden an MP3, you should. It is a revelation—once you stop thinking about how weird it is and just ride it, it becomes the best 2-wheeler you've ever ridden. It tracks through corners as if on rails (a pretty neat trick for a motorcycle/scooter, eh?), and stops so reassuringly because there are TWO contact patches and TWO sets of brakes up front (so the stoppie is in fact quite possible). The ability to lock the front suspension and presence of a parking brake make it very easy to handle vs. putting it on a center stand.

    My legs don't work all that well, and they are likely to work even less well in the future, so an MP3 might be the only way I can continue to ride...

    Scootin' Old Skool

  8. Bad hair day? Never! I would kill for hair like yours Trobairitz!!

    That reminded me of this:

  9. Great idea for a post. I will try to think of my seven and post something soon, but that is quite a challenge, so it might take some time. Yours is an interesting list. I wonder if there is an MP3 player on the MP3?

    That is an odd house - great garage but it has an office that is bigger than the master bedroom. Somewhat odd priorities there methinks. Buy a laptop, delete the office and make even more room for your seven bikes!

  10. @Orin - Now I am even more intrigued. I think the Harley shop in Salem sells Piaggio. I've seen MP3's there before. If not, a shop in Portland does. Maybe in the spring when weather is better we'll go see about a test ride. I am worried it will make me want one though. Hope to meet you in Seattle next month.

    @Nikos - You are too kind. It was a bad hair month. Was trying to grow my bangs out, didn't work. I have bangs again and have much better hair days. That link was pretty funny. It is amazing what helmets do to hair. When I had really short hair helmet head was better.

    @Gary - Ha, MP3 players on MP3, good one. And I agree why does the office need to be bigger than the bedroom? Would definitely not have the office downstairs and have a bigger garage. Our house now is 912 square feet and is too big. That place would seem huge.

  11. Hmmm, food for thought. I may have to come up with a list.

    I like the Tiger 800. I sat on one in Eugene, and it's the first big dual sport I've sat on that didn't feel like a big lug. (ie, I could get it off it's stand and still touch the ground, sort of)

    Oh, we don't need a garage...we need a warehouse

  12. @ Bluekat - The Tiger 800 just seems so well balanced. Troubadour loved it when he test rode it. And I agree a warehouse seems much more appropriate. Well said.

  13. That house plan looks a little bit like the one at 3rd thought.