Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Coffee & Cacti

We didn't do much for our four days off over Thanksgiving. We aren't big on holidays or celebrating but we do appreciate the days off.

Saturday dawned clear so we decided to ride to coffee. The ladies at the Coffee Culture Annex are always ready with a smile and on Saturday I even got a leaf pattern in my latte foam.

(double tall decaf vanilla soy latte)

(latte with lemon poppy seed scone)

We didn't get out of coffee until after noon and we decided we didn't really feel like riding anywhere. The sun was shining, it was fairly warm and we didn't feel like being wrapped up in so many layers.

We rode home. I made us some lunch, we watched a little local college football and then headed outside at half-time. We figured we'd rake a few leaves, but ended up cutting down our persimmon tree. We've been wanting to do it for the entire 5 years since we bought our house, but were waiting for the laurels we planted under it to grow up. They will help block the view of and from our neighbors 2-story house.

* * * * *

Later in the afternoon Troubadour noticed our Zygocactus (aka Christmas cactus) was blooming. My mom gave us the little shoot about 18 months ago. The little pot is only 3 inches tall and about 2 inches wide at the top. It didn't bloom last year, just added more leaves. We were surprised to see the color this year.

(Zygo cactus)

(Zygo cactus sitting on a tea tin)

Will be interesting to see if the rest of the buds open.

- Au Revoir

"I bought a decaffeinated coffee table, you can't even see the difference." - Author Unknown


  1. What a beautiful cactus. Brilliant pictures.

  2. Nice and quiet weekend. Sounds just right. Love the little leaf in the latte. So that is what my Christmas cactus is supposed to look like...I need to repot mine. hehe

  3. Your christmas cactus bloom is so pretty. I've never had much luck getting one to bloom, but my mom had several large ones that would bloom out nicely. Not sure what she did.

  4. Trobairitz,

    I have a 23 year old zygo and it's amazing to me that it's still alive - I am the original brown thumb gardener. When it wouldn't bloom I got it a zygo friend and it seemed to do better after that, I guess it was lonely. When I go to work on Monday I'll snap a picture & post it.

    BTW - I fell in love with a Triumph Bonneville today - need to start saving.

  5. Trobairitz:

    I've got a thumb that turns everything to dust so I don't bother trying to grow anything. I was in charge of watering our plants for a while, but then I forgot and they all dried up. Your plants look beautiful, must be your camera skills showing through.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. @Sonja - thank you

    @BeemerGirl - This is the first Christmas Cactus i've owned. Only thing my mom said when she gave it to me was it likes to be root-bound so don't put it in a bigger pot and don't keep it too wet.

    @Bluekat - Thank you. It didn't bloom last year but maybe it was too young.

    @Dar - Wow that is an old zygo. It is cool a friend helped it bloom. Aren't the Bonneville's awesome. I saw a new 2012 orange and black one in Eugene at the Triumph shop and drooled, a lot.

    @Bobskoot - Thank you. Every once in a while I forget to water our plants and Troubadour comes to the rescue. Either that or they wilt and I add water when I notice them looking sad.

  7. Aren't house plants usually made of plastic? Watering them would be silly and if you want flowers, well that's what duct tape is for.

    Seriously, that is a really nice cactus bloom. And a nice picture. Your countertop material looks very familiar. And I will probably stop for coffee on Saturday.


  8. @Richard - no plastic house plants here. Well, if there were they'd be easier to take care of, but I wouldn't want to dust them every week. The countertop material is Ikea as are our kitchen cabinets and sink. I am impressed with the price and the quality since we put them in. They were about the only company that made the right size upper cabinets without a special order. Looking forward to seeing you at coffee.