Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stop Touching Me

It is 35 degrees outside and I feel too lazy to go for a ride. Troubadour is out auditing another Team Oregon class with none other than 'the man' so I decided to look through our iPhoto album just for fun. It contains thousands of photos we have taken over the years

I found some pictures of Sir Baxter (RIP) and Squire Basil from a few years ago and thought I'd share.

Baxter was one year old when we brought him home from the shelter in the fall of 2003.

At some point we thought maybe he needed a little companion. In August 2005 one of Troubadour's coworkers had a stray kitten show up. She couldn't keep him so we went to take a look. It was love at first sight and we took him home with us that afternoon. Since Sir Baxter was a knight and all knights should have a squire we named him Squire Basil.

We were surprised at how close they were in markings. If you couldn't see Basil's white feet and chest you'd think he was a mini Baxter.

Baxter was not too thrilled about the little creature we'd brought into his domain. He preferred not to be bothered with Basil so Basil resorted to waiting until Baxter was asleep or had his eyes closed and he'd sneak up to him and lay beside him as close as he could get.

As Basil got a little older he also got a little bolder and would approach Baxter when he was awake.

(I sneak)

Baxter was always quite patient with him, but he always had a look on his face that said, "why did you bring him here?"

It was like little kids in the back seat of a car - "he's looking at me", followed by "he's touching me".

Every once in a while Basil would get close and couldn't resist trying to play with Baxter. What follows is a series of photos from one of those encounters.

It drove Baxter nuts, but wherever he went Basil had to follow:

(Even as an adult he had to be near Baxter)

Sometimes we would catch them actually snuggled up and sleeping together. These times were very rare so we always managed to grab a camera.

(Basil giving me the stink eye for disturbing them)

Baxter passed away about 3 years ago now. We have debated about getting another kitten. Something for Basil to play with and keep him company, but I don't think he is nearly as patient as Baxter was. Basil has gotten a little bitchy with his old age and he is 3-4 years older than Baxter was when Basil came home.

So for now Basil will be an only cat, so long as we stay away from the shelter that is. A cute kitteh we can't resist.

(Baxter playing cute)

- Au Revoir

"No amount of time can erase the memory of a good cat, and no amount of masking tape can ever totally remove his fur from your couch." ~ Leo Dworken


  1. love it! im in a similar dilemma with cinco. he could use some company... but he is not patient and he prefers my (sole) company over animal company. ah the stuff we do for our fur babies :)

  2. Awww they were so cute together . Baxter looked like the patient big brother, who probably liked the little impish pest.

  3. Awwww. Lovely pics. You make me want to go to the next animal shelter...

    I haven't had a cat since my Kelly passed away but I have been pondering about getting one or two rescue kittens again one day, when we don't live in an apartment anymore.

  4. +1 Awww......

    That's just fabulous, thanks so much for posting them. They actually looked a lot more tolerant of each other than our two do. Little Orphan Annie refuses to acknowledge our alpha male Thomas as boss. If I posted a photo of them together, it would be of them fighting!!

  5. It seems as though Baxter was a wonderful big brother for Basil, even in spite of himself. We always do things in twos (or three). That's why we have a house full. Right now, the count is three cats and two dogs. Since hubby and I both work, we always felt like "kids" need playmates. They keep each other entertained during the day while we're gone.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. @mq01 - I am sure Basil could use a playmate, but the way he goes after any cat that wanders into the yard like a sherman tank, I worry he won't play well with others.

    @Dar - I think in spite of not really wanting Basil around Baxter was more than patient with him. Wasn't afraid to give him a good swat if he needed it too.

    @ Sonja - Households are always better with kitties. It is hard in an apartment though. We've been there. One of our cats years ago did not like an apartment we moved into. He preferred to pitch himself off a second story balcony more than once. We always found him but gave him to family after the second or third time. There was something about the apartment he just didn't like.

    @Geoff - Ahhh Annie. It is funny she doesn't acknowledge Thomas. Do they always fight when together or do you sometimes catch them getting along?

    @LadyR - Good idea doing things in two's or three's. We figure after Basil passes we'll be petless for a while but when we do decide to get more kitties we'll get at least 2 the same age. Maybe litter mates. Baxter was taken to the shelter with a brother and someone adopted the brother and not him. We would have taken them both, sigh.

  7. Lots of cute pictures. We don't have any cats though as my wife prefers noisy little dogs. I heard that the snow level is getting pretty low....

  8. Trobairitz:
    Good question! Annie usually initiates the fights which is pretty much every time she and Thomas are in the same room but occasionally, they sit quietly together. They probably get on fine when there are no humans around for them to impress!!!

  9. @Richard - thank you. Noisy little dogs? Why not quiet little dogs. Please post up pics sometime. We like to see critter pics.

    @Geoff - Damn females always starting fights, lol. We need hidden cameras to see what the cats are up to when we aren't around.

  10. OMG - Basil was so cute! They're both beautiful, but kittens are so irresistible! Yeah,

    I'm not following the link to Heartland...I know better ;) Our last Cat was from Heartland and our current dog, Cookie, that you sometimes see in posts is from the Humane Society in Salem.

    Wonderful photos and cat tales! Thanks for sharing them. Your post made my day :)

  11. Cute story.....brought a smile to my face. I dont think moses would be to happy if a brought a new friend home for him though!

  12. @Bluekat - He was stinking cute as a kitten and we often ask him if it hurts to be that cute. He just ignores us and asks for more tuna. He reminds us of Simon's cat in that regard - always pointing towards his mouth. Heartland is a dangerous place to go and we try to stay away as we are afraid we'll fall in love with one of the critters. Glad I could make your day.

    @Raftnn - Glad I could make you smile. Animals have a way of doing that I think. I think Moses sounds like Basil. I don't really think Basil would like a friend either. Sure wish I knew what he was thinking. Probably good that I don't. Basil has really come out of his shell since Baxter passed away.

    Before, if we would try to pet him Baxter always had to be there getting in the way and be the center of attention. Poor Baxter would even follow us around the yard when we were weeding or planting trees. I think Basil likes being king of the house.

  13. Ace photo's. HB and I have discussed getting another cat but we think Jake would try and maul him/her. Not to mention Brian.

  14. What beautiful cats. And tender photos.

  15. AAwwwwww. Heartwarming and chucklicious. Reminded me of of our feline acrobats. Too cute.

  16. @Mike - Thank you sir. Cool picture of Jake with the bike in your last post, by the way.

    @Tiny - Thank you. They were entertaining pets. Well, Basil still is although he goes from being all cute and cuddly to giving you the stink eye in the blink of an eye.

    @BeemerGirl - Thank you. Feline acrobats. Great phrase.

  17. Trobairitz:
    Have you ever seen any of this video series on cats - soooo accurate!

  18. @Geoff - Ahhhhh Simon's Cat. One of my favorites. I've watched his videos for a few years, always happy when a new one comes out. The cat in his cartoons make me think of Basil when he is pointing at his mouth and meowing for food. Thanks for the chuckle.

  19. I can relate to your cats. We have 6. It started with 1 stray, then it became 2 stays. We had a 3rd, a pregnant female that had 6 kittens. So for a while we had 9. Then we found homes for mom and 4 of her kittens so we were down to 4... Then a neighbor brings us one, and we find another stray in the back yard. So we're up to 6. The original cat and one of the kittens are best buds. Where the big one goes the other one's right behind. He even tries to nurse off the big one. They're all neutered males.

  20. @Erik - 6 is still a lot of cats. Although I bet there is always one hanging around to chat with. They make good listeners. When I was a kid we had dozens of cats on the farm. All barn cats running around, but as a young kid I thought it was great fun. It is cool your older cat and one of the kittens pal around.