Friday, November 4, 2011

In the Slammer

Just to show that this blog isn't always about motorcycles and food, I thought I'd do a quick post on Squire Basil.

Basil has a self feeder in a corner of the dining room with dry food in it that he can eat as much or as little as he likes, any time he likes.

He is usually not content with just dry food and likes little morsels of canned tuna periodically through the day if we are home, or in the evening on work days. When we need to call him in from outside we know we can tap the bowl and he'll come running.

If he is becoming a pest and continually wanting in and out the patio door (also known as the magic tuna door) we occasionally will pick him up and show him some love. Basil doesn't like to be held so this usually deters him from coming in again too soon.

We have two bar stools at the kitchen island. Basil has figured out if he hides under a stool we can't pick him up him through the rungs and legs. I call it his kitty jail as he looks out through the bars. All he needs is a little tin cup to drag back and forth.

Every once in a while we pick up the stool and nab him, but usually if we try to do that he is too fast and runs under the kitchen table. He knows it is to much work to roust him out from under there.

- Au Revoir

"I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days." ~ Bill Dana



  1. he sounds like my cinco, who also prefers not to be airborne and loves his fresh treats. cinco retreats under the dining room table or chairs, lol...

  2. Trobairitz:

    I think tapping the bowl works for me too, but I am too heavy to be picked up.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. He gets tuna? Couldn't you convince him to become Vegan, too?

    Funny how some cats are. Mine only liked to be cuddled at his own time, not when I wanted to, and he used chairs to cage (protect) himself.

  4. Lol I can hear him yelling "injustice of it all". Lol. Kitty jail. My dog does the magic snack door thing too. We have a dog treat called Mighty Wolf - we affectionately call it dog crack. She is addicted to it and will do 4 tricks in a row, jump up & down, snort and make tribbling sounds. Beauty of these treats are they are only 1.3 calories. Now I just open the front door and say "Muggy come in for dog crack" she is through the door in 2 seconds flat.

  5. @mq01 - 'not to be airborne' that is a good way to put it.

    @Bobskoot - HA! You're so funny Bobskoot. We just love your sense of humor.

    @Sonja - Nope, no way he is becoming vegan. The dry food we feed him is Taste of the Wild and is grain free too. He has long incisors for ripping raw flesh from little critters so I understand him wanting meat, sure hate the smell of the canned tuna though. It is funny how the cats know to run under the table or chairs so we can't get them.

    @Dar - At least with our pets love of food we know it is easy to call them in the house. We are lucky that Basil is too much of a scaredy cat to roam. He prefers hiding in the back yard so he is within hearing distance. Love the term 'doggy crack'. So true isn't it. Does she have a dazed satisfied look in her eyes after eating them?

  6. She certainly looks happy after she eats.

  7. Kitty Jail. I like that. Nice looking cat too.

  8. That's a simply lovely post! Jennie's alpha male, Thomas, will tolerate occasional hugs from her but I'm likely to require a facial transplant if I try it. Both our felines prefer us to wait on their every whim at the patio door rather than use the cat flap. That indignity is reserved for when we've gone to bed.

    Cat's distain for certain foods (ok, read "all foods" when they fancy being difficult reminds me of the UK comedian Eddie Izzard talking about his cat. It strolls in, surveys its bowl, scowls and stares at him with an ".... and this is?" expression!

    Incidentally, you might like this YouTube clip with Eddie Izzard talking about cats and dogs: - brilliant!!

  9. @ Dar - I think all animals are happy after they eat.

    @ Gary - Thank you sir.

    @ Geoff - Aren't cats funny. Only on their terms do they like any loving. Thank you for the Eddie Izzard link. He is one of my all time favorite comediens and I'd forgotten about that bit.

  10. He's beautiful and very smart!! hahahaha!

  11. Thanks Eve. He is too smart for his own good.

  12. LOL - Cats are funny!
    I dare you to pick up that stool. and he has a back up plan if you do. That boy's a thinker. :)

  13. @Bluekat - He is a thinker - or is that plotter. I can't tell when he is thinking or just plain plotting against us for more tuna. Good thing he's cute.