Saturday, February 26, 2011

This helps.

As Bobskoot recently commented, only 9 more sleeps, well hopefully only 7 more now. The weather is certainly helping with the wait. Wednesday morning we had a bit of snow at home which melted by early afternoon. However, Thursday morning we woke to 30˚F and this.....

Considering how much snow other parts of the country have been getting, it doesn't seem like much, except that we hate snow. One of the reason we moved out of the Okanagan was the amount of snow that fell. Of course every winter we have lived in Oregon we've gotten snow. Some years more than others. Sure it looks all pretty, but only until the roads turn a slushy brown and most people in Oregon cannot seem to drive in it.

As the sun came up (somewhere behind those clouds) it became lighter and I was able to take a picture without using the flash.

(Poor little fireplace, ready to go)

It was decided that Troubadour shouldn't ride to work that morning so he took the car and dropped me off at the office on the way. We sold his truck a few years ago as it had become a lawn ornament since he rode everyday.

The weather service was saying to expect flurries off and on all day with highs in the mid 30's. By noon the sun had come out with not a cloud in the sky. The roads were all clear but remained wet. We didn't have anything on our calendar at the office Thursday afternoon so my boss drove me home about 1:30 or so.

The yard looked like this by 2:00 pm.

The temperatures were to dip into the 20's Thursday night and we were worried the roads might be slick Friday morning. We woke to 23˚F yesterday morning but the roads were dry. Troubadour road the Tiger to work, which made him a happy camper after having to take the car for two days.

I left for work just after him and stopped by the post office on my way to the office. I got back in the car and started it, but when I put it into reverse, it stalled out. I thought it was odd and maybe I didn't quite have it in reverse, but between gears. Put it back in park, turned it off and tried starting it once again. It tried to turn over but would not start.

I was not a impressed. It was 23˚ outside, I was parking in a 15 minutes parking spot and my 2007 Nissan with only 36,000 miles on it had left me stranded. I quickly realized my cell phone was at home on the charger. Bollocks. We have AMA membership but the phone number and membership number are programmed into my cell phone.

I gathered my things, wrote a quick note to leave on the dash, "Car won't start, waiting for tow truck, please don't ticket." I walked the almost 3 blocks to work wishing I had worn a warmer coat. Got there, cursed and swore some more, and called Troubadour and left him a voice mail to call me when he got to work.

Troubadour to the rescue. He took the shop truck from work and came and picked me up to see if it would start. He tried and it started right up. I went to put it in reverse and nothing. Stepped on the gas pedal but petrol was not flowing where it needed to go. More bad words were said. A lot more. He called AMA and they had a flat bed tow truck out within 20 minutes. While waiting I called the local Nissan dealer and gave them a heads up.

We have read on the internet that Versas have a lot of trouble with fuel filters and were expecting that was the problem. The guy I talked to on the phone at Nissan asked me if there was a light that came on on the dash while trying to start it that looked like a car with a key shape inside it. I told him I had no idea. (Little did I know he'd just diagnosed the problem - must happen often)

We followed the tow truck to the dealer, checked it in and Troubadour took me to work then hurried back to his work. Once again my boss was nice and drove me home. He even bought lunch first. It was another gorgeous sunny day, which was starting to warm up. I think we actually hit 35˚F yesterday.

Nissan called me about 3:30 and let me know it was the BCM - body control module. It faulted due to an immobilizer error in the system. Apparently the car was not recognizing our keys. WTF? The keys unlocked the car and initially started the car. The same keys we've had for almost 4 years. Turns out we need a new BCM and the fix, including parts and labor, is $480. Ouch. Of course it came with a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty. We've had the car 4 years next month so that did us no good. At least the darn thing is paid for.

More ranting and raving and bad words were said. Not to the service person who called, but after I got off the phone. You know, when I found out the part won't be in until Tuesday and that the Nissan tech is out until Thursday. They are also a VW and Volvo dealer but those technicians cannot install the Nissan part.

As a result we are on two wheels until next Friday at the earliest. Wouldn't be too bad except we woke up to a balmy 15˚F this morning (-9.4˚C). It was a chilly ride to Saturday morning coffee. I felt like the Michelin man in all my layers. I opted to ride pillion with Troubadour, as I knew it would be warmer than me on the TU. Not only does he make a great windscreen, but I can also hide my hands between us so they don't get too cold while in my gloves.

The snow is slowly melting. It is supposed to get up to 38˚ this afternoon and 50˚ and rain tomorrow. Weather report states there is over 2 inches of rain on the way. Of course there is. It will be a wet commute to work this week. I don't like getting all geared up for a three mile ride in the morning, but we do what we must. At least they don't have to use gravel in the rain. Hopefully they have already started sweeping up the tons of it they used this week.

Sure wish I had that Gladius to ride. Oh well. This gives me at least another week to say my goodbyes to the TU.

Hope everyone gets out for a ride, weather permitting.

- Au Revoir

"Every path hath a puddle." ~ George Herbert, 'Jacula Prudentum'


  1. We also got a dump of snow today, and I am not amused. Bummer, with your Nissan. It seems to be a very well known issue. I am surprised that they charged you for this. I would be outraged, too.
    However, only a few more days to wait, the weather is supposed to warm up a little, and you will be on your maiden voyage with the Gladius.

  2. As I read your post the thought came to mind, "When it rains it pours." But, I guess in this case it need be, "When it snows it . . ."

    Heather and I have talked about going down to one car, but thinking of the kind of scenario you described in this post has kept us a two car household.

    Love the George Herbert quote!

  3. Trobairitz:

    I think that's bad for Nissan to not fix it under warranty as it's a known issue, and they should have given you a shop loaner since it's not your fault they didn't have the part in stock. I think there was a static electricity grounding issue which shorted out the chip in the key. Next time touch something metal to ground yourself before putting your key into your ignition.

    less than a week now before your maiden voyage

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  4. Kudos to you and Troubador - I simply couldn't handle snow any more and the same goes for cold weather.

    Magnificent photos of your garden though!

    BTW, I thought Bollocks was only used by the British and Antipodeans :-)

  5. I love your backyard! (With and without snow...) ;) Looks very tranquil.

    So sorry to hear of the Nissan issues. So stressful. I hope it all comes together quickly. Strength and fortitude for riding in those temps!


  6. Wow, that sucks about the car! Don't you just love these modern marvels that have all kinds of sensors and electronic doo-dads that break and stop the car in it's tracks then leave you with a nasty bill.

    Be careful out there on the roads, there is a ton of gravel on every corner! Now I feel bad, I left a comment on my blog about riding the Gladius home in the rain. Little did I know you'll be riding everywhere in the rain. :(

  7. Pretty bad luck with the car. Sometimes I wonder why manufactures think it's necessary to put in all those sensors and electronic controls. I'm amazed at all the snow you have and how quickly it goes away. I must agree with Lori, the backyard looks great. Even with the snow.

    Have fun with your commute this week.


  8. Thanks everyone. If nothing else it will get me used to putting on full gear for my 3 mile ride every morning. Gas has gone up about $.40 in the last two weeks and is now $3.49 a gallon for regular. At least the TU gets 71 mpg.

    @Bobskoot - funny you should mention static. Troubadour gets shocked every time he gets out of the car, has almost from the beginning. I do during the drier summer months but haven't lately.

    @Geoff - I always say bollocks. Usually makes people chuckle around here. That and bugger and sod off. Have to give everyone some culture, lol

    @Geoff, Lori & Richard - thanks for the sweet comments about the yard. It is a work in progress. One day in the summer when it looks nice with the trees leafed out and flowers in bloom I'll post up a before and after/during picture. It is nice and relaxing when the retired guy next door isn't using his gas powered leaf blower 2-3 times a day like he does 9 months of the year. We especially enjoy the yard on an early summer morning, take a mug of hot coffee out and swing while no neighbors are awake, just watching the birds at the feeders. We are lucky there is an abandond tree farm behind us not houses.

    @Bluekat - don't feel bad about the rain comment. It's all good. If you don't ride in the rain in Oregon, you can't ride year round. Just glad it isn't snow. And there is quite a bit of gravel around. Corvallis claims to sweep every city street once every two weeks so it won't be out there long, I hope.

    Woke to 35 degrees this morning, we are warming already.Supposed to get to 46 today. Woohoo.